Ohio State Band Performs Michael Jackson Tribute Complete With Lean, Moonwalk

By Jeric Griffin

They’ve always said the Ohio State Buckeyes have the best band in the land and after their halftime performance in a Week 8 game against Iowa, that point can no longer be argued. In the video above, you’ll see TBDBITL paying tribute to Michael Jackson with a corps marching pattern that shows off two of the Pop King’s most famous moves, plus the splits to top it off (start the video at the 4:10 mark to skip to the good stuff).

As mentioned, Ohio State has always had one impressive marching band, but this takes the cake. Any group of students who can perfectly choreograph what these kids did at halftime of this game is absolutely remarkable. I mean really, would you ever expect to see a band imitating Jackson’s lean or moonwalk at halftime of a regular Big Ten game, much less both? Plus, it’s so cool to fans of all ages!

On a serious sports note, the Buckeyes are also looking to once again pair their best band in the land with the best team in the land, but Ohio State was leapfrogged by Florida State in the initial BCS standings following Week 8, so Brutus’ bunch has some work to do if this team wants to play in the only postseason game that matters this year after sitting out following an undefeated campaign in 2012.

One thing is for sure: the Buckeyes’ band will never be disrespected after this Michael Jackson performance.

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