Philadelphia Phillies: Domonic Brown’s Wearing of a Dallas Cowboys’ Jersey No Big Deal

By Mike Gibson
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The latest manufactured controversy on Philadelphia talk radio involves Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Domonic Brown, who was spotted wearing a No. 88 Dallas Cowboys jersey at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday during the game with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Brown had to come on Philadelphia radio to defuse the situation, but he should not have. He’s a Phillies’ player, but not from Philadelphia. Brown is from Florida, but he should not have to be tied down to root for any particular team. Yet, Eagles fans who are also Phillies fans seem miffed by the “gall” of someone who makes money in a professional sport in Philadelphia rooting for a non-Philadelphia team.

“I grew up a Cowboys’ fan,” Brown said on 97.5, The Fanatic in Philadelphia Tuesday afternoon. “I’m not changing my NFL team just because I’m playing in Philadelphia. I knew there were a couple of people that were going to go crazy, but I didn’t know the whole city would go crazy on me. I love the city. I was just having fun on Twitter.”

They should probably get over it. Perhaps the best thing that came out of the day was that there was no physical confrontation between Eagles fans and Brown’s crew. In fact, Brown did not try to hide the fact that he was a Cowboys fan when he tweeted about it:

Worse things have happened to opposing players in Philadelphia. Back when Curt Flood refused to be traded to the team, he was booed lustily in Philadelphia the rest of his career. J.D. Drew also refused to come to Philadelphia and was treated in a similar fashion. Scott Rolen, a former player, has not been a favorite of the fans since some disparaging remarks about the town upon his departure from the team.

This, though, is different. Brown was just supporting the boyhood team from his youth. Brown said he was amused by the negative reactions of the Philadelphia fans, but might not be once the baseball season begins. Philadelphia fans have long memories, but at least in this instance, they should let Brown have his offseason fun.

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