St. Louis Mayor Won't Place World Series Bet With Boston Mayor

By Andrew Fisher
World Series
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

The mayors of Boston and St. Louis have both been in the headlines over the last 24 hours. Boston mayor Tom Menino got everyone’s attention with his comments to fans asking them to be responsible as the Boston Red Sox try to win the ‘World Series Cup’. In the past, Mr. Merino has also referred to Kevin Garnett as ‘KJ’ and to Rajon Rondo as ‘Hondo’. So his latest blunder wasn’t really that big of a surprise.

St. Louis mayor Francis Slay has also made sports headlines before, as he had a bet with the mayor of San Francisco on the winner of the 2012 NLCS. The St. Louis Cardinals lost and as a result, Slay had to put a Giants logo up on Twitter as his avatar. Now, he says he not interested in a bet with Menino over the upcoming World Series.

Slay tweeted out earlier in the playoffs that he wouldn’t be betting because ‘that frees up time of my staffers. Plus, it isn’t fair to other mayors.’ Then he reiterated his stance with another tweet on Monday: ‘No mayoral sports bet. I would, however, welcome a visit here from @mayortommenino. #fgs.’

All indications are that Menino has no clue when it comes to sports, so maybe Slay is best served to not partake in any friendly wagers this year. As far as real bets are concerned, the Red Sox are favored to take care of business in this year’s Fall Classic.


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