Reggie Miller Offers Free Agency Advice To Carmelo Anthony

By Andrew Fisher
Reggie Miller
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Reggie Miller is one of the best shooting guards of all time. Now, he’s a fairly well respected announcer. Each week during the season he breaks down the action with either Marv Albert or Kevin Harlan on TNT. But during a recent conference call, he broke down Carmelo Anthony‘s situation with the New York Knicks.

Anthony of course made headlines last week by stating that he would opt out of his contract in the summer of 2014 to become a free agent. His decision and the timing of it, riled a lot of feathers around the league. So here’s what the HOF’er had as advice for Melo:

“Everyone wants to be wooed and go through that process. What I would say to Carmelo is, ‘Be careful what you ask for.’ We saw what happened with LeBron. Right now, you play in the No. 1 media market in the world in terms of professional basketball. What better place to be successful and try to win a championship than in New York? It would be hard to imagine him leaving there. The grass isn’t always greener. The grass was greener for LeBron and he’s won back-to-back, but what he went through to get there was such a firestorm,” said Miller.

I’m in agreeance with Miller on this one. It’s really hard to see Melo leaving New York. But if a better championship situation presented itself, it’s possible he would entertain it. However, I believe Anthony’s decision is based on dollars and cents. He stands to gain an extra $30 million if opts of his contract and then re-signs with the Knicks.

As far as the timing of Melo’s statement on his future, I get why people were upset. It makes it seem like he’s already skipping ahead to next season. But at the same time, at least he’s being honest and upfront with everyone. One could argue that stating his intentions before the season, will lead to less distracts and speculation. However, it could also be argued that a statement like that is detrimental to the team.


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