Former NFL Player Shawne Merriman Training To Be Pro Wrestler?

By Andrew Fisher
Shawne Merriman
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Shawne Merriman has apparently given up on returning to the gridiron to resurrect his NFL career. Word is now spreading across the internet that the former Pro Bowl linebacker is now training to become a WWE superstar. He was recently spotted at the company’s training facility, but the former football player says he was just there visiting friends:

So while Merriman kind of squashed the rumors of him becoming a wrestler, he did leave the door open by putting ‘visted’ in quotations.

I think he’d be a good candidate to become a WWE star. He’s got the size and athletic ability, it would really just be a matter of learning a new craft. There have been plenty of former football players that have made transitions to the squared circle. Bill Goldberg, Steve McMichael and Brian Pillman all had great second careers in the ring. Other NFL players like Kevin Greene and Lawrence Taylor transitioned for short periods of time with success. LT even main-evented Wrestlemania XI.

WWE recently made it known that they’re looking for former football players to train. In a nutshell, they make great candidates for sports entertainers because they usually have the athletic part of the business down pat. Then it’s just a matter of whether they can master the talking and performance parts.


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