John Kruk Gets Amazingly Videobombed on Live TV by Crazy Shirtless Fan

By Connor Muldowney
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Have you ever seen fans go above and beyond fandom and just make a complete fools of themselves? Have you ever seen them do it on live TV and in front of a national audience? Well, during the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals World Series Game 1 Preview, the perfect videobombing happened. What do I mean by this? A certain fan took videobombing to a whole new level by dousing himself with Dr. Pepper soda after ripping off his shirt in front of a live camera. It’s amazing how John Kruk and the rest of the staff kept their composure.

As you can see, the guy was extremely excited to make it onto SportsCenter’s coverage of the World Series. Have you ever seen such an epic videobombing performance? It may be that this guy works for Dr. Pepper seeing as his shirt was neither a Red Sox nor a Cardinals-related shirt which is odd seeing as everyone that goes to the game wears a shirt of some type of clothing supporting one side — especially if both teams wear the same color uniforms with red and white.

Maybe he was just a huge fan of baseball. Maybe he’s a huge fan of Kruk because it seems like he was waiting behind him until the camera was on him to start pouring soda all over himself. He wanted to be captured in the same camera view as his favorite analyst.

Any way you look at this, it has to be the best thing you have seen all postseason. This guy obviously had no shame and I’m going to go ahead and guess that Dr. Pepper sales went up dramatically after this stunt.

Well played, Dr. Pepper.

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