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5 Unlikely MLB Trades You Would Love to See Happen

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5 Unlikely MLB Trades You Would Love to See Happen

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Blockbuster trades are one of the most exciting aspects of baseball and are always an eye-catching story for all fans, not just fans of the teams involved. Watching them progress is half the fun. It’s like trading stocks and watching them go up and down. Even in salary dumps, typically both teams involved think they’re getting a good deal, and it is fun to see who the winners and losers are.

Considering they're currently playing in the World Series, it seems the Boston Red Sox definitely won their salary dump from last season in which they dropped Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett, for James Loney and four minor league players. It’s nice they won that one because they also lost a money-motivated trade a while back that kind of came back to bite them. It was so long ago, I’m sure most Red Sox fans aren’t even aware of it, but a guy named Babe Ruth was traded to the New York Yankees for cash, and he had a pretty good career with them.

I can't think of any hypothetical trades that would be bigger than the Ruth trade, but I’m going try to come up with a few that would own the headlines for a good amount of time. Please take note of the title before scoffing at them. These trades are not going to happen, and I’m pretty sure a couple of them wouldn’t even be legal, but they would definitely be very entertaining to see if they were materialized. Here are five MLB trades that would drop your jaw, but probably won’t be happening.

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5. Derek Jeter for Anybody/David Ortiz for Anybody

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These two hypothetical situations are the only ones on this list that could actually happen, but I still wouldn't bet on it. Outside of their respective cities, the Red Sox and Yankees are probably the two most hated teams in the majors and all the haters would love to see those organizations ship off their most beloved players because of a disagreement about how much they're worth.

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4. James Shields and Wade Davis for Wil Myers, Jake Odorizzi, Mike Montgomery, and Patrick Leonard

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This deal between the Tampa Bay Rays and Kansas City Royals was one of the biggest trades prior to the 2013 season, and I just thought it would interesting if both sides of any deal said, ‘we shouldn’t have done this’, and just traded everybody back.

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3. Alex Rodriguez for Everybody the Other Team Doesn’t Want

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This would be a nice double-dump in which both teams would rather take their chance with the other teams’ mess. The Yankees would have to take all the other teams’ headaches and underperformers in order to ship off baseball's biggest headache and underperformer.

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2. Josh Hamilton to the Texas Rangers and Albert Pujols to the Cardinals for Nothing

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The Los Angeles Angels cannot keep both of these guys if their production doesn’t start coming closer to their paychecks. The Angels would have to eat a lot of the salary, but it would be nice to see Pujols as a Cardinal again, and it would be hilariously awkward to see Hamilton back with the Rangers considering the terms he left on.

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1. The Entire Chicago White Sox for the Entire Chicago Cubs

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Come on, it would be fun. Nobody has to move to a new city, everybody gets new uniforms, a new ballpark and a new league. This would definitely be a midseason trade so the teams could prove their seasons don’t matter first, but once that inevitability happens, they should pull the trigger.