Detroit Lions WR Nate Burleson Receives Year Supply of Pizza After Breaking Arm in Car Accident

By Dan Parzych
(Brad Mills/USA Today Sports)

Last month, Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson made headlines after suffering a broken arm during a  car accident when he attempted to save his pizza from sliding in the passenger seat. Obviously, car accidents are no laughing matter, but this crazy incident actually worked out for Burleson in a way as he earned free pizza for a whole year.

Burleson uploaded a photo to his Instagram account on Sunday night–showing a letter from the popular DiGiorno Pizza as they sent him gifts along with free pizza for a year. As tremendous of a gift this is to receive considering Burleson was feeling the embarrassment from the car accident, let’s hope the wide receiver waits to enjoy all of that pizza until the offseason as the Lions look like one of the top teams in the NFC heading into Week 9.


(Nate Burleson Instagram)

Burleson is still expected to miss a few weeks, but Detroit has been finding ways to stay in the playoff hunt despite the absence of their wide receiver and when he does return to full strength–it should make the Lions that much better. Who knows, maybe Burleson will share some of his year supply of pizza with his teammates if they end up winning the Super Bowl in February–but let’s wait and cross that bridge later if it ever happens.

For now, let’s just be happy for Burleson that his embarrassing accident turned out to work in his favor thanks to DiGiorno.

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