Google, Wikipedia Hacked by Obvious Anti-St. Louis Cardinals Fan

By Connor Muldowney
St. Louis Cardinals
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the best time of the year for baseball fans everywhere — or at least in Boston and St. Louis. The World Series has been underway for the better part of a week now and the series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox. Apparently, the Cardinals are not a likable team outside of the city of St. Louis. Seeing as they win seemingly every season, the Cardinals have been one of those teams you love to hate. One person hates the Cardinals so much that they took it to Google and Wikipedia to hack St. Louis’ pages, throwing immature dirt on the organization.

Neither team is very well-liked, but the Cardinals received the brunt of this questionable burn:

Cardinals screen shot

The first thing that came up on google search in the description is what you see above. Look at the first line of the team’s description and tell me that it isn’t an elementary insult. Maybe in first grade this would be a huge burn, but someone was clearly looking for a quick laugh at this team’s expense.

While this burn may be planted on the internet for the foreseeable future, the Cardinals are still a quality baseball team and one of the best organizations out there. My guess is that this is a Red Sox fan who was upset with the obstruction call that lost them the game the other night and he had to take to Wikipedia to change Wiki editing forever.

It will get some laughs and that just means the man did his job.

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