Johnny Manziel Wishes He Could Party With Charlie Sheen, Tiger Woods

By Connor Muldowney
Johnny Manziel
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Manziel is one of the most colorful characters in all of sports. The Texas A&M Aggies quarterback is the reigning Heisman winner and one of the best young quarterbacks in the nation, looking to be a top draft choice in the upcoming years. Football isn’t the only thing Johnny Football excels in, he also excels in partying.

Johnny Football becomes Johnny Party Animal from time to time and he isn’t shy to let people know that. In a recent video of the football team that Texas A&M released, players were asked who they wish they could party with. Manziel had quite the answer that most likely shocked no one but disappointed everyone. Oh, Johnny.

While the players were asked which three celebrities living or dead they would invite to the party, most had a decent answer with a fun-loving celebrity, except Alex Rodriguez, but Manziel took the question to a whole new level.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Manziel would want two of the worst ‘party’ influences in professional sports and quite possibly the worst role model of a celebrity of all time in Charlie Sheen to rage with.

Sure, Rob Gronkowski might be fun because he is what Manziel aspires to be — a frat boy. Tiger Woods might be a weird choice because he’s not really known for partying, just cheating on wives. Lastly, Sheen is just way too into drugs and himself that makes us all wonder what Manziel is like off the field.

This is just another instance of Johnny being Johnny.

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