Kliff Kingsbury Costume by Young Fan is Best Thing You'll Ever See

By Connor Muldowney
Kliff Kingsbury
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

If you don’t know by now, Kliff Kingsbury is one of the most beloved coaches in college football today — at least when it comes to the female fans. The Ryan Gosling look-alike has been trending throughout college football this season with his stunning good looks and his apparent links to Jessica Simpson and Brittany Spears. Many people want to be him and many women want him. One young fan wants to be him for Halloween, apparently, and donned the costume of the young coach for the world to see.

This ‘Baby Kingbury’ is a pretty awesome costume and, surprisingly, spot on. This kid obviously knows what gets the ladies and by dressing like Kliff, he will be a fan favorite come Thursday night when he takes to the neighborhoods to trick-or-treat.

The five o’clock shadow is perfect and the sunglass look with the point of the finger might be the most accurate depiction of the coach out there. The Texas Tech Red Raiders should consider themselves lucky that they hired such a solid young coach that draws attention from fans across the country while leading the program into top-10 ranking considerations.

If you’re looking for a costume this Halloween, I would consider this one. Don’t forget the headset, the five o’clock shadow, the black long-sleeve Texas Tech shirt and the patented cool-dude sunglasses. I would pay to see a picture of this kid standing next to Kliff himself.

Well done, Baby Kingsbury.

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