Miami Heat's LeBron James Imitates Forrest Gump in New Nike Commercial

By Will Connolly
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sure that most of you have seen the Tom Hanks film Forrest Gump. As you remember, Forrest decides to go on a run across the country, leading people to see him as an inspiration and decide to follow him on his journey. Those were my very thoughts when I saw LeBron James‘ new Nike ad titled ‘Training Day.’

In James’ new ad, he is riding his bike, swimming in the ocean, playing some pick-up and running the streets with his Miami Heat faithful. “So much fun, man,” James told The Associated Press on Sunday. “The message is obvious. I want people to feel like they’re at one with me and I had a lot of fun, shooting it all over Miami and to have all those kids, it was great.”

It’s pretty apparent that James is attempting to reclaim his image as the most likable guy in the NBA, and it doesn’t take a video showing the entire city of Miami following the NBA superstar all over town to recognize his reclaimed image. It was said earlier this month that James had the best-selling jersey in the entire world, while he also took over Kobe Bryant‘s spot as the most popular player in the league.

These are huge strides for the Heat star who played the face of villain upon his arrival in Miami three years ago. However, two championships change the opinion of a lot of disbelievers, and as the saying goes, “everyone loves a winner.”

Much like Mr. Gump, James is beloved for what he does best: dominating the basketball court. And what these two characters have most in common is the love of their community. Both men have accomplished great feats in the face of adversity, but the real difference between the two is Gump is a fictitious character and James is a real person, which makes him all the more impressive.

Look for this ad coming to a television near you.

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