Ohio State Marching Band Makes Crazy T-Rex Moving Formation, Eats Rival QB

By Connor Muldowney
Ohio State
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re a fan of marching bands, you definitely should have seen the display that the Ohio State Buckeyes‘ marching band put forth on Saturday night during halftime of the game against the Penn State Nittany Lions. Watching the band do a Michael Jackson tribute the week before, big things have been expected from this group week in and week out. Have you ever seen a band take the formation of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and eat a rival quarterback? Well, you are about to. Start watching at around the 5:51 mark:

It looks as if the band is not a huge fan of the Michigan Wolverines, as they shouldn’t be, and rival quarterback Devin Gardner. The band awesomely forms the shape of a T-Rex and walks toward the quarterback — a band member acting as the quarterback — and lowering its head, the shape ate the rival QB.

It must have taken a ton of practice to make this formation and have it walking to perfection and eating Gardner. If I were voting, I would say this is the coolest band formation ever besides the one that took the field in the California Golden BearsStanford Cardinal game in 1982 when the band decided the victor of the game.

The Jurassic Park theme song was playing in the background, setting the tone for what was about to take place. I have to say, it’s hard to like the Buckeyes, but their marching band was on point.

I’m sure they will have something better to throw out there in the upcoming weeks and when that comes, we will all be amazed, I’m sure.

Well done, Buckeye marching band.

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