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The 15 Best Characters in Sports Movies History

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The 15 Best Characters in Sports Movies History

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In a guy's life, there are many things that are flat-out good. Meat cooked on the grill, the first day of hunting season, the Super Bowl and the right woman definitely top the list. When a guy is around or involved with any of these things, he is a very happy person.

However, at the top of any guy's list, there is one thing that is universal -- and that thing is a good movie. Whether it is a sci-fi movie or an action movie, guys just like watching them. If you are around any guy and his friends, one thing that will always be quoted is sports movies.

Sports movies have some of the greatest quotes and characters in the history of cinema. Guys love them all from the bad guys to the hero.

I know my friends and I always talk about these individuals, so I figured I would help keep the conversation going by ranking the 15 best characters in sports movies. I know this topic will be up for much debate. Everyone will say, “You left so and so out,” or, “No, that character should never be on this list!” I understand and I would be debating this too if I thought someone was missing.

For this list, I only took characters who were not historical, except for one (sort of). I left out people like Muhammad Ali and Jim Braddock, even though they are in awesome movies. I felt that the characters that needed honored were the ones who could not make the history books -- the ones that the average guy strives to be when he is with his buddies on the golf course or bowling alleys calling their shots.

Here is the list. Please comment about it and if you feel I left anyone off who is deserving of this honor, let me know!

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15. Mel Clark

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If a kid today went to a MLB game, stood up and started waving his arms, all that would happen to him is that he would get yelled at to sit down. If it wasn’t for some kid that saw angels, we would have never had the great Mel Clark. Clark was a washed-up pitcher in the movie Angels in the Outfield whose career was “resurrected” by the help of beings from above. I wonder if this is how Brett Favre did it for all of those years. Yeah, probably not!

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14. Henry Rowengartner

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When all kids are in little league, they dream of pitching in the major leagues one day. Every summer, many of these kids get hurt and cannot play for the rest of the season. However, the kid that defied those odds was Henry Rowengartner in Rookie of the Year. Rowengartner went from being a little league outfielder to pitching for the Chicago Cubs. Now, if you ever saw this movie, tell me that you never thought about breaking your arm so that you can throw a baseball 100 mph like Henry did -- you did and you know it. But remember, you may have to play for the Cubs if this happens, and do you really want to do that?

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13. Shane Falco

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If you have ever seen the movie the Replacements, then you have to love the quarterback for the Washington Sentinels named Shane Falco. Falco is the everyday guy that gets what we all want: a chance to play in the pros. Falco led a team of no-names that no one wanted and became the leader they needed. Falco is just awesome! The guy gets to earn his reputation back, play in the pros, and even gets the hot lead cheerleader in the end! What else could you want from a quarterback in a movie?

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12. Paul Crewe

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Everyone knows if you drink and drive as well as steal a car, you are probably going to jail for a very, very long time. None of us would ever think that if this happened to someone that they would play in the most epic football game of their lives. Paul Crewe from the Longest Yard was that guy. I mean, when you are Burt Reynolds and you play the role of a professional quarterback, what more do you want? For any person that gets arrested to take on the same prison guards that keep them locked up -- and then go on to beat them by running the longest yard of all time -- is a dream come true ... I guess?

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11. Roy Munson

Steve Hopson-Flickr Creative Commons

The dreaded 7-10 split. No one can make this without an act of god. Oh wait, there is one man. That man is Roy Munson. From the movie Kingpin comes a character that looks like someone everyone knows -- the guy who is down and out on his luck. Except in the movie, Munson has a serious talent. His talent is bowling, teaching the game of bowling, and getting himself into serious messes. One of those messes actually causes him to lose his hand in a bowling ball return. Munson is a legend on the lanes, and the next time you get the 7-10 split while you are bowling, just pretend you are Munson and have at it!

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10. Gordon Bombay

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Goal! Gordon Bombay scores by going triple-deke glove side! This move amazingly works every time on every goaltender it is ever used on, except when it is used on Julie “The Cat” Gaffney. In the movies The Mighty Ducks and D2: The Mighty Ducks, coach Gordon Bombay was a great hockey player whose career was cut short for some off reason. However, Bombay excels as a coach and not only wins junior league championships, but he also won a gold medal at the Junior Goodwill Games. Bombay teaches the kids the essential tools to win hockey games such as “quacking” to motivate them, changing players’ jerseys in the middle of the game, and the best of all -- the “Flying V.” The reason these work is because, “We are Ducks and ducks fly together! Quack!”

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9. Roy McAvoy

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How many people love to golf? Now, how many of you have made fun of you friend for laying up on a hole? If you have, a reference to the movie Tin Cup was probably brought up. Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy is the cause of all of that. McAvoy is the one of us average guys who made it. The guy runs a driving range and drinks beer! How much more average of a guy do you want? The best part about McAvoy’s movie legend is when he plays the remainder of a round with only his seven-iron (after breaking the rest of the clubs in his bag). How many of us wanted to break our clubs during a round? That is why we all adore this movie and why we all love “Tin Cup” McAvoy.

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8. Shooter McGavin

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This is how you sink a putt properly, so pay attention. First, line up the putt, pull back the club and watch the ball go to the bottom of the cup. Then, do two double-finger pistols, say “bang bang,” blow on your fingers and say “shooter!” The movie Happy Gilmore gave us one of the greatest golfers to never win a major title in our time, and that would be none other than Shooter McGavin. McGavin is a sophisticated man who wears the finest clothes, knows exactly how much facial hair Grizzly Adams didn’t have, and eats the breakfast of, well, not champions.

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7. Frank Dux

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Have you ever walked past a pile of bricks and wanted to make the bottom one in the stack explode? Have you ever entered into a secret tournament called Kumite? Yeah, neither have I, but I go there in my mind every time I watch the movie Bloodsport and see the legend himself Frank Dux do both of these things. Jean-Claude Van Damme is so ridiculously awesome in this movie that I had to put him here in this list among the legends. Dux is a real man, but the legend of the movie Bloodsport made him more than a man. It made him a legend in the fighting world whenever the movie is on TV.

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6. White Goodman

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You know what I think of when I think of the sport of dodgeball? I think of a black and purple outfit, beautiful hair blowing in the breeze, and the smell of victory. White Goodman from the movie Dodgeball is that man. The owner of Globo-Gym is by far the greatest icon of the sport of dodgeball that the world has ever seen. When Goodman does something, he will literally take the bull by the horns. No seriously, that really happened!

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5. Rick Vaughn

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If you are a baseball fan and you hear the song “Wild Thing,” the first thing you think of is Rick Vaughn from Major League and Major League II. Vaughn is one of those characters you have to love. He is a guy who started out in the California Penal Leagues, made it to MLB, and helped take a struggling Cleveland Indians team to the playoffs and the World Series. How does he do it, you ask? With a pair of black framed glasses, an awesome hair cut, and a fastball that even Nolan Ryan wish he had in his playing days!

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4. Ricky Bobby

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When someone just pees excellence, it makes it very difficult to not put him on this list. Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights is an American hero and icon. He lives his life by one motto: "If you ain’t first, you're last!" This is how he lived his life and how he drove in the NASCAR circuit. Because of Bobby, people will always know that Mountain Dew can turn kids into spider-monkeys, that they should never to drive with a cougar (the animal) in their cars, and that crepes are just French pancakes!

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3. Happy Gilmore

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You all know it. There have been times at the driving range when you wanted to do it. You wanted to pull the “Happy Gilmore swing.” That is when you set the ball up on the tee and hit it as hard as you can. The movie Happy Gilmore gives us a person that makes all of us feel better about ourselves. It’s the average Joe making it onto the PGA Tour, even though he is trying to make it into the NHL. The next time you are at the miniature golf course and you just can’t get the ball to go into the clown’s mouth, close your eyes, go to your “Happy Place,” and try not to smash that annoying clown!

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2. Carl from Caddy Shack

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Whenever there is a rainstorm on the golf course, there is always that one guy that has to say it. He has to say the be-all, end-all of golfer quotes: “You know, I’d keep playing. I don’t think the heavy stuff is going to come down for a while now!” This famous quote from Caddy Shack was said by the greatest assistant groundskeeper to ever roam the links, Carl. Here is a guy that would not only cut the flowers while practicing his golf swing, but he could carry your bag in a thunderstorm and then kill a gopher for you all in the same day. What a Cinderella story he has become!

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1. Rocky Balboa

Sdwelch1031-Wikimedia Commons

"Yo Adrian, I did it!" Yes, Rocky Balboa, you did it! You are the most memorable of any character in any sports movie! Think about it, how could Rocky not be it? He defied the odds and beat the world champion Apollo Creed. He had a huge hand in ending the Cold War by defeating the monster from the Soviet Union, Ivan Drago. This guy is so famous that he even has a statue of himself in Philadelphia and he is a fictional character! He is also so famous that just the name Rocky by itself gets people thinking of the song “Eye of the Tiger.” The Italian Stallion from the Rocky series is No. 1 and no one will de-throne the champ!