Thomas Robinson Issues Terrible Apology After Speeding at 107 MPH

By Connor Muldowney
Thomas Robinson
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Professional athletes are known for being reckless at times and that sometimes leads to trouble with the law and/or landing in jail or suspended from their respective sport. Thomas Robinson is one of those athletes who completely disregarded the law, not caring what the consequences were when he was pulled over by police last Friday night on Interstate 5 in Oregon after reaching speeds of 107 mph.

Well, when the speed limit is just 55 mph and you exceed that by a good 50-plus mph, you are bound to be caught by police — driving a Porsche doesn’t help, either.

After Robinson was issued a ticket and it went public, the Portland Trail Blazers big man apologized to fans on Twitter for his reckless speeding ticket. Oh yeah, and it was the worst apology in the history of apologizing to fans.

While it may have been a sincere apology for his poor driving, he still failed to be completely honest in his response to the ticket. He apparently didn’t know the speed limit, so he thought it was 105 mph. Doesn’t everyone think that when they don’t see a speed limit sign right away?

Apparently Robinson just assumed he was driving on the Autobahn and totally disregarded any normal speed limit. Oh yeah, and hasn’t he been living in Oregon for a while now so he most likely knows the speed limit.

Poor excuse. Own up to it, Thomas.

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