Young Packers Fan Wears Aaron Rodgers Jersey for Three Straight Years

By Connor Muldowney
Aaron Rodgers
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Some people take their dedication to a certain player or sport to entirely new levels and this sixth-grader from Wisconsin is on that list of people. The young Green Bay Packers fan has an apparent love for Aaron Rodgers that cannot be matched nor does anyone really have the desire to do what this middle school student is doing.

What is the young fan doing? He’s been wearing the same Aaron Rodgers jersey for over three years, totaling over 1,000 days and it doesn’t look like he wants to stop any time soon. How many kids can you say have been this dedicated to a team and player for so long as to wear the same jersey for over 1,000 consecutive days? Probably zero.

David Pehl, a sixth-grader at Holmen Middle School, has been wearing the jersey ever since he received it as a gift about three years ago.

It’s been over 1,034 days since he wore a different outfit and his parents can be to blame for his donning of the jersey. It’s pretty cool to see this kid so dedicated to the Packers as he has worn the jersey so much that the name and numbering are faded on the front and back so it just looks like a generic green and yellow jersey.

The coolest part of this whole jersey wearing is that David’s entire family roots for the Minnesota Vikings week in and week out. That hasn’t changed David’s opinion of his favorite team as he is looking to break the record for wearing a jersey — he’s trying to make it over four straight years.

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