San Diego State Baseball Team Plays Game Dressed In Halloween Costumes

By Andrew Fisher
SDSU Baseball

Halloween season is a fantastic time of year. It allows us to dress up and channel our inner child for a night or two each fall. Not everyone does it casually, as there are always people who take things to the extreme this time of year. The San Diego State baseball team certainly takes things to the extreme each Halloween. The club got together recently for their annual Halloween game, which of course features players dressed up in a variety of costumes.

Here’s a look at the action from a recent sunny day in San Diego:

There were some good costumes on display. Never in my life have I considered dressing up as an app, but it’s actually a pretty funny concept. On top of that there were a fair share of cross-dressers. One of which, the Chargers cheerleader, belted a towering home run. After that, the Jamaican bobsled team nearly legged out of single, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Overall, the message here is a positive one. It’s a good thing to fully embrace holidays like Halloween and just have fun sometimes.

In other baseball/October news, the World Series has been fantastic thus far. Fans have been treated to some entertaining action and baseball is actually scoring some pretty high ratings. The odd ball endings to games three and four reminded us all that anything can happen in the world of sports. Although an obstruction call doesn’t have the same feeling to it as a walk off home run, it still made for very interesting television.


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