Bill Belichick Dresses Up As Pirate For Halloween

By Andrew Fisher
Bill Belichick
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Belichick is a coach that’s known for his no-nonsense style. He’s not a coach with a ton of charisma and he never reveals too much about his team to the media. He’s not exactly known for soundbites, but his dry remarks often make people laugh. So given what we know about the New England Patriots‘ head coach, he doesn’t seem like a guy who would dress up for Halloween. But believe it or not, Belichick got into character as a pirate recently to celebrate the Fall holiday.

Here’s the Pats’ head coach with his girlfriend:

bill belichick halloween

It’s nice to see Belichick smiling and enjoying himself for once. I’d say he has good reason to, because his girlfriend is pretty easy on the eyes.

When it comes to the Patriots this season, they’re currently 6-2 and once again in position to win the AFC East. It hasn’t been easy with the lack of experienced receivers they have on their roster, but Tom Brady and company have found a way to get it done. The return of Rob Gronkowski will no doubt help this team move along, but some will argue that their biggest problems lie on the defensive side of the football.

The Pats’ have suffered two crucial season-ending injuries on defense and come playoff time, they might have a hard time making stops when it counts. But as we’ve learned over the last decade, don’t ever count out a Belichick-coached team.


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