Carl Pelini Resigns From Florida Atlantic After Marijuana Rumors Emerge

By Andrew Fisher
Carl Pelini
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Carl Pelini is not a household name in the world of college football. Most people know him as the brother of Bo Pelini and as the guy who called for his team to spike the ball on fourth down this season. Pelini was in his second season as coach of Florida Atlantic, when it abruptly came to an end on Wednesday. Pelini and one of his assistants have resigned after rumors emerged of the two attending a social event where marijuana was present.

A statement from Pelini was released, which simply read: “I apologize for exercising poor judgement.”

His career record at FAU will end with a win/loss record of 5-15.

Coaches get fired or resign for a variety of reasons, but attending a social event where marijuana is present, is not typically one of them. There really aren’t any other details available about the event they attended at this time, but apparently the university felt it was best for the coaches to just step down now.

Regardless of your stance on marijuana, I think most of us can agree that NCAA football coaches shouldn’t be around it. Players are not allowed to use it or be around it, so the coaches have to be held to an even higher standard. It just doesn’t set a good example for your team if you’re hanging out at a social event where illegal drugs are present.

Maybe this story would have had a different ending if Pelini was having a lot of success at FAU, but that’s obviously not the case.


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