Dallas Mavericks Do Their Own Rendition of 'What Does the Fox Say'

By Connor Muldowney
Dirk Nowitzki
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like every other day the Dallas Mavericks are coming out with a new viral video featuring players that just makes them look ridiculous. Sure the videos are funny, but it seems like the Mavs care more about making crazy videos than they do about winning games — albeit, they did win a title a few years ago. However, this recent rendition of the famous ‘The Fox’ song has the Mavs looking even sillier than usual — and it’s awesome.

In case you know nothing about the song, it was created by a Norwegian comedic duo, Ylvis. It was created because the duo wanted to have an intro song to their show and they wanted to make it somewhat funny and ridiculous. They apparently never thought the video would go viral as it has nearly 200 million views on Youtube.

Well, it’s so popular that Dirk Nowitzki, Vince Carter and crew took to the green screen to perform the ridiculous video as they all made the awkward noises that come with the original song.

This video is pretty awesome. Some players got really into it and were actually really good at reenacting the song. Dirk, however, was not very talented at staying with the rhythm and beat of the song. Shawn Marion loved it and was all into it, but the best part had to be the big man himself.

Dirk was completely off-beat, goofy looking and just noise-making-ly challenged. However, you have to give props to the Mavs for this one. Let’s see if the aging Mavericks can finish above .500 and make the playoffs this year.

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