Roy Helu Gets a Year of Free Suave Men's Products After Making Pitch

By Andrew Fisher
Roy Helu
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins‘ running back Roy Helu was asked about his hair during a recent interview. He was specifically asked if he was growing it out to score an endorsement deal like Troy Polamalu. The Pittsburgh Steelers‘ safety is of course a big spokesman for Suave shampoo. Helu said that wasn’t the reason behind growing his hair out, but that he wouldn’t mind a deal like that either.

“That’s not the purpose of growing my hair out. I want to make sure that I say that. But, you know, if something comes along? Suave? I’m not a Suave user, but I know that they’re pretty affordable, and I want to be marketed to the blue-collar people who can’t afford Head & Shoulders. Suave’s No. 1, you know?”

Now it appears that Suave has learned of Helu’s comments and rewarded the running back with some free products.

So while Helu didn’t land himself an endorsement deal, this is certainly not a bad consolation prize. A year’s worth of shampoo would only equate to about three or four bottles, but since they sweetened the pot with a year of Suave Men products, it’s not too shabby of a deal.

I don’t think you can close the book on Helu ever getting a commercial with Suave, but it’s safe to say they currently have the right man for the job with Polamalu.


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