Boston Red Sox Fan Drops F-Bomb on Live Broadcast

By Connor Muldowney
Boston Red Sox
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

In case you were passed out all day yesterday until right now, you probably missed the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series over the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 6 on Wednesday night. Boston finished the Cardinals and took home its third World Series Trophy in nine years. Before 2004, the Sox hadn’t won the October Classic since 1918. Some Red Sox fans are still marinating in the first clinching World Series win at home in 95 years.

One such fan was on a local Boston broadcast after the win and it seemed like he had been drinking too much, still overwhelmed with excitement and he seems to be quite brotastic.

What do I mean? Check it out here. WARNING: video contains profanity because the crazy fan swore from the excitement that came out in dirty words.

Just look at the guy and his awesome excitement after watching his first ever World Series-clinching game at home as a fan of the Red Sox. He even said he was born in “probably 1988”, so you know the guy is clearly sober. Not.

Okay, the guy is extremely intoxicated from happiness and alcohol. While he may have been a bit confused on the year of his birth, he is still pumped that his Sox won a trophy at home that he “obviously wasn’t alive for” in 1918. The guy didn’t care that he swore, but seemed to calm down after his little mishap to talk seriously with the news crew.

Well done, Red Sox fans. Well done indeed.

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