Joe Buck Gave an Awesome Tribute to Tim McCarver After Final Last Game

By Connor Muldowney
Joe Buck
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Although it seems like the dynamic broadcasting duo of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are not very well-liked, they did do something pretty cool on TV last night. No, Buck wasn’t correcting McCarver on something ridiculous he had just said, he honored his partner of 18 years by wishing him farewell after his last game as a broadcaster.

Like I said, McCarver and Buck can come off as annoying to viewers and lovers of the game, but they do know their stuff and McCarver used to be a solid baseball player and is now a Hall of Fame broadcaster. It looks like his career in front of the camera is over, but the friendship between him and his partner will live on.

Well done, Joe.

While the two guys might disagree on a lot of things during the broadcast, the duo look like they have a great friendship. Buck took the time out of the final broadcast of McCarver to honor the Hall of Famer and it seemed like Tim took it to heart and was very emotional with the farewell. Buck even said that he loved McCarver three times in the send-off and  although the retiring broadcaster only replied with “ditto”, you could tell he was touched. This happened to be one of the great moments of the game on Thursday night.

Many people don’t give McCarver much credit, but he is one of the best broadcasters in the business, even if his old age has made him forget things and seem like he knows not what he says.

It’s been an interesting run listening to McCarver’s broadcast. So long, Tim.

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