St. Louis Weatherman Compares Broken Button to Cardinals Offense

By Connor Muldowney
St. Louis Cardinals
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

As we all know by now, the St. Louis Cardinals are now World Series champs. It was a tough series against the Boston Red Sox that led to the Cardinals’ demise in the postseason’s final series. Although the series didn’t go to seven games like many people predicted it would, the Cardinals still put up a good fight, but fell a bit short to the experienced Red Sox. One St. Louis weatherman was not so happy about the effort that the Cardinals put forth in the series.

Check out this Fox 2 weatherman lose his mind when the button on the weather screen doesn’t work, leading him to rant about how terrible the Cardinals offense was.

This guy needs a hug. First, his button doesn’t work so he can’t bring the nice people of the greater St. Louis area the weather report and second, his favorite team was beaten in six games to lose the World Series after a tough road to get there, including beating arguably the best team in the National League in the NLCS.

I think this is pretty awesome. Not only does the guy rant about the Cardinals striking out a ridiculous amount of times, including the one that ended the series, but he calls out the offense that hit a measly .215 in the playoffs. During the regular season, the Cardinals had one of the best offenses in baseball, but it seemingly disappeared, as did every team’s, in the playoffs.

Seriously, though, can someone give this man a hug?

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