10-Year-Old Kid Being Recruited by Division 1 Programs for College Basketball

By Connor Muldowney
George Mason
Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

Being recruited has to be the coolest thing for young kids. Getting your first letter from a school regarding playing a collegiate sport must be like striking the jackpot. Not having to pay for college and being the big man on campus are two positives to being recruited to play college ball, but how early is too early to recruit young players? The George Mason Patriots apparently don’t know the answer to this as they have begun recruiting 10-year-old basketball phenom, Jaden Jones.

The young basketball player has been torching opponents in his youth leagues and has been widely talked about as one of the best under-15 basketball players around. Yes, people actually talk about a 10-year-old playing basketball. I will hand it to Jones, however, because the kid is really good. So good, in fact, that he has begun his recruiting process with letters from Division 1 programs such as George Mason.

Okay, the fifth grade baller is actually pretty good. If you don’t believe me, check out his highlight video here. Yes, he also has a highlight video in fifth grade:

The kid’s got some nice moves. His crossover is devastating and he’s breaking young ankles left and right. I get it, he’s really good and the Patriots want to be the first school on his mind, but you have to let these kids grow up without thinking that they can basically go wherever they want to play basketball and catch the LeBron James syndrome.

It’s moves like these by George Mason that ruins college basketball.

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