Floyd Mayweather Dresses As Freddy Krueger, Poses For Halloween Party Photo With Lindsey Lohan

By Andrew Fisher
Floyd Mayweather
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Floyd Mayweather is the best pound for pound boxer in the world. He’s basically been carrying boxing for several years now and like him or not, the guy flat out draws attention and money to the sport. When he’s not in the ring, Mayweather makes headlines by gambling large amounts of money on sporting events. For the most part, he seems to do pretty well with his bets.  But of all the things I’ve seen Money do or say, I never thought I’d see him dressed up for Halloween.

Mayweather just doesn’t strike me as a guy who would dress up for the Fall holiday. But not only did he dress up this year, he dressed up as one of the most notorious horror characters of all time.

Check out Money Mayweather on Hallow’s Eve as Freddie Krueger:


This kicker here is that he’s with Lindsey Lohan (random). Lohan is dressed up as Carrie White from the Stephen King novel Carrie. The two were attending a Halloween party at the MGM Foxwoods. Of course people are now going to jump to conclusions that these two are an item. However, I’m going to highly doubt that. I’m going to chalk this picture up to simply a good photo opportunity. Freddie Krueger frightening the heck out of Carrie White just makes for a good shot. These two both pulled off the costumes and it looks like Lohan gave the best performance of her career in the photo.


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