Houston Texans Cheerleaders Bust Out Halloween Costumes and 'Thriller' For Freestyle Friday

By Dan Parzych
(HTC_Shannon Twitter)

With all of the impressive videos they’ve posted so far this season–you just knew deep down the lovely ladies of the Houston Texans cheerleaders were going to go all out for a Halloween edition of Freestyle Friday.

The Texans cheerleaders decided to do this week’s Freestyle Friday a bit earlier on Halloween so they could rock their awesome costumes (the minions from Despicable Me–simply awesome) and it should come as no surprise to anyone they decided to go with the classic Michael Jackson song “Thriller” for this edition.

We already knew “Thriller” was one of the greatest songs of all time to dance to, but when the Texans cheerleaders dance to it wearing Halloween costumes–it makes the song that much better. Once again, thank you ladies for starting the weekend off right by providing us with another awesome Freestyle Friday video.

And of course, be sure to check out the other awesome videos from the Texans cheerleaders as HTC Shannon (@HTC_Shannon) and HTC Amelia (@HTC_Amelia) provide fans with everything Texans related on their HTC Social Club episodes (if you’re lucky–you may earn a shout out!) and the latest edition of Cheer Chat! featuring Morgan (@HTC_Morgan). Normally, Morgan provides fans with amazing recaps from the team’s previous game, but since the Texans were on a bye in Week 8–she decided to create a special edition by teaching fans how to “Wobble.”

Nicely done once again ladies and here’s to beating the Indianapolis Colts this weekend!

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