Kansas City Royals' Fan Suing Team After Being Hit in Eye With Hot Dog

By Andrew Fisher
Royals Mascot lawsuit
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Anything can happen in America, right? One thing is for sure, anything can happen in the American legal system. In today’s sue-happy world, people are routinely taken to court for the most ridiculous things. Well, here’s a new one for you – a fan is suing the Kansas City Royals after being hit by a hot dog tossed by the team’s mascot. Yes, you read that correctly.

John Coomer is suing the Royals for $20,000 after a hot dog damaged his eye back in 2009. The Royals routinely throw out the classic ballpark items to fans and apparently, Coomer didn’t see the foil-wrapped dog heading his way. It caught him in the eye and he subsequently had to have two eye surgeries. One was to repair a detached retina and the other was to repair a cataract that he developed as a result of the injury.

Coomer has been forced to fork over $4,500 so far to make the necessary repairs to his eye.

So the big question in all of this, is whether the ‘baseball rule’ applies. In the insurance world, there’s a thing called ‘assumed risk’ which applies to things like baseball games. It’s an assumed risk that if you go to the ballpark, you might get hit on the head by a foul ball. It happens.

So as we speak, Missouri courts are determining if the same principle applies to the ‘hot dog toss’ that routinely takes place at Kauffman Stadium.

I fully under stand Mr. Coomer’s intent here to get reembursed, but come on man, pay attention when the mascot is flinging hot dogs around.

Only in America, only in America.


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