Ryan Lochte Leaves 200% Tip on a Very Pricey Restaurant Bill

By Connor Muldowney
Ryan Lochte
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

It must be a nice life to live if your name is Ryan Lochte. He’s rich, everyone in America loves him and he’s an Olympic gold medalist. Oh, and did I mention that he’s ridiculously rich? I did? Well, he is. Lochte was recently spotted in Las Vegas giving out his riches to whoever serves him. What do I mean by this?  Does he have personal butlers that he pays handsomely? Probably, but that’s not it.

Lochte was at Andiamo Italian Steakhouse in Vegas with a bunch of his friends and rumor has it that he struck gold at a roulette table and decided to take his friends out to dinner. The tab ran up to a ridiculous $314 for about five people. After he received the pricey bill, he decided it was only right that he gave a $606 tip for the excellent service.

Not sure why he decided on $606 because he left nine $100 bills and a $20 bill. Why was the last $20 bill necessary? Maybe he did his math wrong, but he most likely left enough for the servers to split the money evenly.

In fact, Lochte told his server that he wanted all of the waitstaff to split the tip evenly. Well, a 200 percent tip has to be something every server dreams of — especially if the bill is over $300.

Lochte, a failed reality TV star, might not be doing anything in his free time anymore, but the swimmer is still raking in the dough at Vegas casinos and distributing it to the general public.

Well done, Ryan.

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