Urban Meyer Dresses Up As Mike Ditka For Halloween

By Andrew Fisher
Urban Meyer
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Urban Meyer has his Ohio State Buckeyes riding high in 2013. In fact, he’s had them riding high ever since he took over the program before the start of last season. Under Meyer, the Buckeyes have yet to lose a game and they’re the clear favorites to win the Big Ten and head to the Rose Bowl this season. On top of that, you can’t rule the Buckeyes out of the National Championship picture.

But apparently coach Meyer is not opposed to kicking back and having a little fun in between games. He seems like a guy who’s all business all the time, but not on Halloween. Here’s Meyer dressed up as none other than Mike Ditka on Hallow’s Eve:

I like where the coach’s head is at with this costume. Who doesn’t love Mike Ditka? But at the same time, he missed a little bit with his attire. The sunglasses are spot on. He may have even added a little padding under his sweatshirt to look more Ditka-like. But the sweatshirt is where he missed. It’s clearly old school, but it’s not old school enough. To truly pull off the Ditka from the 1980’s, you need to have the authentic Ditka-Bears sweatshirt. You know, the sweater vest. This gentleman on Twitter has the one Meyer needed, the one with the v-neck:


But you still have to give the coach credit. Ditka is a legend and he made a pretty good one for Halloween.


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