Chicago Blackhawks Make a Special Trip to Celebrate Stanley Cup

By Kelsey Meyer
Stanley Cup celebration for the Chicago Blackhawks
Geoff Burke- USA TODAY Sports

These days, you don’t hear much in the way of celebrations coming out of Washington D.C.

Monday, however, Washington got a breath of fresh air. The Chicago Blackhawks were welcomed to the White House by President Obama to celebrate their 2013 Stanley Cup Victory.

Getting the opportunity to chat it up with the President of the United States, knowing that he himself is an original Chicago native, has got to be a once in a lifetime experience. But lucky for some, they got to experience it twice.

For some members of the roster, this was their second chance to meet the President at the seat of the executive branch. When the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup back in 2010, they likewise got the opportunity to visit D.C.

Captain Jonathan Toews commented that, “It definatly wasn’t any less special than last time.”

President Obama was not trying to hide his pride when it comes to the Blackhawks. Obama said that, “since I have been President, only one team has brought a world championship to my hometown of Chicago and now the Blackhawks have done it twice.”

Obama congratulated the team and even made a comment that they originally had wanted Corey Crawford to speak at the ceremony. This was in reference to Crawford’s, for a lack of better words, colorful celebration speech in Grant Park during the celebration parade.

Many times, we see that the White House plays host to important dignitaries and representatives, who most of the time I could not recognize, even if I tried. I appreciate the service of our government and its attempts to cooperate with the nations of the world, but I also think it is special that we take time to honor our athletes.

Say what you will about sports. I know many people, myself included, get hot headed about how much money athletes make. But in reality, sports serve a greater purpose. It allows for us to be united as fans of that team. This unity extends to moments like when the United States goes on to participate in the Sochi Winter Olympics, which are soon upon us.

Sports teams are a source of strength for a city that has been damaged, like for instance Boston after the bombings of the Boston Marathon. The phrase “Boston Strong” is still represented by the respective sports teams in the city.

Sports may be to some a waste of money, but to me it is something that can serve to unite individuals and give us all something to talk about besides the lack of productivity in our government. I think it is great President Obama and the White House elect to honor those Championship athletes, but particularly I am glad the Blackhawks had a chance to honored by a native to Chicago who just so happens to be the President of the United States.

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