Miami Dolphins' Fan Conduct Video Awkwardly Stars Richie Incognito

By Connor Muldowney
Richie Incognito
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Richie Incognito is not the most well-liked guy in the NFL these days. After recent voicemails being released that seemingly called out his teammate and fellow lineman, Jonathan Martin, Incognito might be the most hated man on the Miami Dolphins. This whole situation brings new light to the fan conduct video that Incognito starred in prior to the season. It makes the video seem incredibly hypocritical and awkward.

The Dolphins picked Incognito to be in this video because of his tough guy attitude and his ability to lead on the field — it was pretty funny to see the tough guy playing croquet. He was chosen for this video because not many people would expect to see Incognito playing such an elegant sport given his bad boy reputation.

Apparently, Incognito is ‘civilized’ off the field although his most recent ‘bullying’ stunt has landed him in hot water, suspending him from the team indefinitely. The video goes on to saying that fans should avoid threatening or uncivilized remarks while in the stands. Why should they have to listen to a guy that can’t follow those rules himself?

I’m sure he takes care of all the trash-talking on the field, but what has surfaced about his involvement Jonathan Martin’s mental breakdown is just too far.

Incognito might be a tough guy and a bad boy, but that doesn’t give him the right to blast a teammate with racial slurs and threats to his life.

Incognito should take his own advice and act more civilized.

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