Miami Radio Hosts Puts $1,000 Bounty on Florida State Seminoles Running Back

By Connor Muldowney
Devonta Freeman
Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Rivalry games tend to be heated and words tend to be exchanged that are sometimes regretted later on. In the case of Dan Sileo, the words he put out on Twitter on Saturday night were as unforgivable as they come. Sileo is a radio host in Miami and an apparent fan of the Miami Hurricanes who was very upset at the fact that his team lost big time to the Florida State Seminoles and seemingly even more upset that Duke Johnson was injured and will miss the remainder of the season.

What could he possibly say that might land him in hot water? Well, he took the whole rivalry and bad blood to a completely new and disgusting level. It seems as if Sileo could care less about these college-aged kids getting hurt when he tweeted this out:

via @DanSileoShow

The radio host was upset at the fact that his team was suffering its first lost of the season while also losing its best player for the year. Placing a bounty on a college athlete went way too far, especially with the poor reputation that the Hurricanes have when it comes to problems on and off the field in years past.

Sileo should be ashamed of himself. The tweets were later deleted and he was forced to apologize for placing a $1,000 bounty on Florida State running back Devonta Freeman following the loss.

What a totally mature thing for an adult to do. Let’s all hope this guy banned from Twitter — or just saying anything publicly.

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