Utah Jazz Mascot Viciously Takes Out Man Trying to Run On Court

By Connor Muldowney
Utah Jazz
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz are a struggling basketball team right now. Although the season has just begun and there are 79 games to go for this team, the Jazz just seemingly cannot record a win. Sitting at 0-3 and looking for a break in the schedule in which they can face a beatable opponent, the Jazz must sit and wait a couple games. However, the Jazz are still a team that seems to be in it every year and they are a tough squad. How tough? Just ask their mascot.

What do I mean by this? Check out how Jazz Bear, the Utah mascot, took out a man trying to run onto the floor during some activities during a break in the game:

The man wrestles around with the idea of running onto the court and and two men in suits can’t stop the crazed fan from breaking away and heading straight for midcourt. It looks like Jazz Bear did not like the fact that there was a man/boy running at him, so he took a harsh approach to getting him off the court.

What’s more basketball-esque than lowering your shoulder and taking someone out. It looks like the guy in the mascot outfit had some serious football skills back in his day, but he went wrong somewhere and was forced to wear a fuzzy outfit and attempt to make thousands of fans smile night in and night out.

I think half of the teams in the NFL should sign this guy up because he obviously has a knack for hitting idiots.

No word has come out on whether this was a stunt or not, but it doesn’t look like Jazz Bear was taking this very lightly.

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