Youth Football Players Draw Up Play for Special Needs Player to Score TD

By Connor Muldowney
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Playing football as a kid is something that is never forgotten. A good majority of us have played the sport and loved every second of it. From the running to the hitting, putting on the shoulder pads was a welcoming sign that fall was here and it was time to play one of the most beloved sports in the world — even though America is primarily known for it. The kids at Olivet Middle School in Michigan have made football even more special and unforgettable for Keith Orr, a special needs eighth grader.

Most of the time these days, kids are cruel. Picking on one another and picking on the socially awkward or “weird” kids has been somewhat normal these days. While that’s not at all acceptable, it still happens. Orr, a kid that is not like the rest of his teammates, was signed up for football by his mother to give him structure in his life.

While many parents are scared of letting their children play football, Orr’s mother wanted him to make friends and play a game that would give him some type of solid structure.

Usually kids like Keith are picked on relentlessly by teammates, but in this case, he is praised. Orr gets very little playing time because of his fragile 90-pound frame, but he got his chance to make an unforgettable moment. Watch what happens when Orr gets put in the backfield:

The coolest part of this whole thing is that Orr’s teammate and star running back, Sheridan Hedrick, knew he was about to score a touchdown on a run play, but went down at the one-yard line to give Orr a chance to score. They ran a play behind their coach’s back that was called the “Keith Special” — and it worked.

If this doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you might want to see if you still have a heart.

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