Chicago Bears' Fans Wear Cheese Graters On Heads To Mock Cheeseheads

By Andrew Fisher
Chicago Bears
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears went into Lambeau Field and pulled out a tough victory against the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football. Going into the contest, the Bears were big underdogs without Jay Culter and because Aaron Rodgers was playing so well as of late. But after Rodgers went down in the first quarter with a collarbone injury, everything changed.

But of all the highlights on Monday night, one shot of the crowd caught everybody’s attention. Check out three Bears’ fans that weren’t afraid to show their dislike for the Packers with their own unique head attire:

Bears Cheese Graters

Cheeseheads are of course worn by Packers fans across the country each and every week, so if you’re a Bears’ fan, why not sport cheese’s arch enemy? I found the grater hats to be hilarious. Even the most hardcore Packer fans had to acknowledge that they were a clever idea.

But when it came to the action on the field Monday night, the Bears were just a better team. Some called the game ‘even’ once Rodgers went down, because then it was truly a battle of backup quarterbacks. Although the Bears’ defense looked rough at times, the unit played well enough to get the job done.

Now with Rodgers expected to be on the sidelines for several weeks, the entire dynamic of the NFC North has changed. The Packers looked like they were ready to run away with another division title, but now it’s become a wide open race once again.


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