Dwight Howard Reportedly Wanted Fan Arrested After Being Hit in Head With Ball

By Andrew Fisher
Dwight Howard
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard is always in the news for one thing or another. It used to be in regards to where he was going to play basketball, but that was finally settled last summer. Howard then revealed that the move The Dark Knight Rises, helped him make the decision to leave Los Angeles and join the Houston Rockets. The center’s decision to leave L.A. certainly didn’t go over well with Lakers’ fans and apparently L.A. fans in general. Howard returned to the Staples Center on Monday night to face the Los Angeles Clippers, and the crowd booed him out of the building.

But of course, there was also a fan incident involving the Rockets’ big man. As Howard was running into the tunnel following the game, he was reportedly struck in the head by a basketball. TMZ reported that Howard was furious and told security about the incident. On top of that, he pushed for the fan to be arrested.

Staples Center security guards eventually tracked down the fan and confronted him, but they didn’t haul him off to jail. In a surprise twist, the guy was actually a Dwight Howard fan who was hoping to get his basketball autographed. As the center was running into the tunnel, the ball slipped from the fan’s grip and hit Howard square on the noggin (security cameras backed up the fan’s story).

So as it turns out, Howard once again overreacted to something that happened on the basketball court. That’s the norm for him, anytime he feels he was fouled too hard.


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