15 Most Annoying Types of Sports Fans

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15 Most Annoying Types of Sports Fans

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Something about sports can bring out the most obnoxious versions of us. When you look at it from the point of view of someone who doesn’t care about them, a lot of the behavior seems pretty crazy. Be honest — when you walk around your favorite team’s stadium and see the opposing team’s fans, you are at least put off if not completely disgusted. We know nothing about these people, yet we automatically like them less than the people who wear the same colors as us.

But don’t feel ashamed about the behavior, sports fans. Doug Stanhope said it best when talking about his love of football, “I know it’s stupid, but it’s my stupid.” Everybody has something they do for fun that seems dumb and pointless to people who aren’t into it — something that they care way too much about and spend way too much time doing.

I once had a competitive yo-yoer, make fun of me for how much I love sports. A man who has spent hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of his life playing with a yo-yo, thought I was wasting my time. If you’re having fun and not hurting anybody, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. I never judged him for his yo-yo passion and still don’t, but I do think less of him for believing it’s a more productive use of time than sports. He has his stupid and I have mine and one is not better than the other.

For the people who share my stupid, I have 15 incredibly annoying behaviors that it brings out in us. I’ll admit I’m guilty of eight of these things that I find incredibly annoying when other people do them.

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15. The Need to Mention They Were at the Game

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“I was at that game,” has never impressed anybody or added to any conversation in the history of talking.

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14. Extreme Biasness

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These people always seem to believe the refs are against their team. They're always complaining and making excuses instead of just accepting a loss like an adult.

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13. Getting Too Emotional

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This behavior is typically acceptable among fans, but people who don't care about sports find it pretty ridiculous to care way too much about a game.

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12. Praying for the Outcome of a Game

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I guess most people who do this either assume God is a fan of their team and not their opponent, or that God chooses the outcomes of games based on which side prays the most.

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11. View Obstructing Outfits

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Just because you like to play dress up, doesn’t mean the person behind you should get an obstructed view. People pay good money to see a game, not the back of some moron who needs attention.

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10. Getting Chatty at the Urinal

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It doesn't matter if people support the same team, if they don’t know you, they don’t want to talk to you when using the restroom. This usually applies to people who do know each other, as well.

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9. Lucky Garments and the Stories Behind Them

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Nobody wants to hear how well a team does when someone is wearing a lucky hat, jersey or whatever. They don’t believe in the power of that garment ─ they just believe that the person wearing it thinks the world revolves around them.

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8. Constantly Leaving

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If someone doesn’t have a small bladder or other medical reason, they should not be leaving their seat more than a couple times per game. Constantly blocking people’s view and making them get up because someone is at a game that they don’t really care about is incredibly obnoxious.

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7. Yelling Before Anything Has Happened

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There are always a few people who like to scream while their waiting in line to get into the stadium. Why are they screaming when nothing has happened yet? It’s safe to assume in most cases it’s connected with the next slide.

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6. Excessive Drinking

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The sports world can be an alcoholic’s playground. Where else is it acceptable to drink before noon? Watching the game with someone who can’t control their drinking can be both uncomfortable and incredibly annoying.

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5. Unfunny Heckling

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Just because you love hearing yourself talk, doesn’t mean everybody does. If you’re going to say something you intend for everyone to hear, make sure it's at least funny or original.

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4. Signs

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All these sign holders do is annoy the people around them. Is the possibility of being on TV for a few seconds really that great of a prize? Do they think they’re bringing home an interesting story for the rest of their lives?

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3. Space Invaders

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Sometimes it's due to an over the top outfit and sometimes it's just an idiot who moves around too much, but regardless, it's unforgivable to invade other people's space.

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2. The Willingness to Look Past Awful Things From Good Players

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It’s incredibly obnoxious when people defend a cheater or piece of dirt just because they have performed well. Making excuses for these jerks only makes people look like they’ve compromised their morals too.

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1. Being Cruel to Opposing Team’s Fans

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There is no need for this. These situations can often escalate into violence and only the dumbest of the dumb partake in this behavior.

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