15 Sports Videos That Prove Running on the Field is a Terrible Idea

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15 Sports Videos That Prove Running on the Field is a Terrible Idea

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One of the greatest parts about sports is fan interaction. Sometimes that means fans getting to meet their heroes at an autograph signing, while other times it means fans running onto a field in an attempt to get close their favorite stars.

There is no question watching a fan run onto the field is one of the best parts about going to a sporting event. If no one has ever experienced it, I highly recommend it. I’ve been fortunate enough to witness two different instances when a fan ran onto the field. One occurred during a Milwaukee Brewers game in which a fan ran down the steps right beside me, leapt onto the field next to the visitor’s dugout and slid safely into second base. He was then quickly escorted off the diamond, but at least he got his five seconds of fame. The second one I witnessed is listed in the slideshow so I won’t spoil it now.

For the most part, a fan running onto the field is not a huge deal. Sure, that fan might get tackled, fined by the local police department and suffer a ban by the professional team anywhere from one-year up to a lifetime. However, it usually is all in good fun.

Then there are the times when running on the field is a very bad idea. An idea that is met with memories of worst decision ever. The YOLO moment that turns into bruised ribs and a massive hangover while waking up in a jail cell. The following slideshow are 15 examples of why running onto the field is a terrible idea.

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15. Batman Meets Baltimore Police

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Ever wonder what would happen if the Caped Crusader met police in a showdown in the world outside of comic books and movies? Well, keep wondering. This hilarious fan, who wears a cape and Batman boxers, decides to have some fun with the police before they take him down twice, the second time by the neck. He’s the hero Baltimore deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Kyle Mace YouTube channel

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14. Fan Fist Bumps Nick Swisher

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

For starters, props to Nick Swisher for acknowledging the fist bump. It is clear this large fan had second thoughts about his decision to run onto the field once he reaches the infield and sees the security up close. At least he had the pleasure of listening to a ball park cheer for him while ran with his finger in the air as if he was simulating what it would be like to hit a grand slam in the World Series.

dejet2 YouTube channel

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13. Umpire Tackles Fan

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Definitely have to give this guy credit for rounding third and sliding face-first across home plate without a shirt on what appears to be a rather cold night. Of course, it is never good for a drunken adventure to end with the home plate umpire being the one to make the tackle.

TheSportsHighlighter YouTube channel

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12. Fan has Near Miss with Jacksonville Jaguars’ Dwight Lowery

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, I am aware that the fan did not get leveled by Jacksonville Jaguars defensive back Dwight Lowery. With that being said, these videos are about learning a lesson that running on the field is bad. Do you see the fear in that fan’s eyes? He thought his life was about to be ended by a player twice his size. The best part is the fan actually attempts to outrun Lowery until he realizes it is a massive mistake.

BabeeBlueOnTheTown YouTube channel

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11. Was that the Ballboy?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Possibly the most embarrassing fan-on-field moment in the history of sports. This slow and not very athletic fan decides to make his way across the shallow outfield. He barely even gets to enjoy the moment. None other than a ballboy with blazing speed tackles the assumingly drunken man from behind. It’s a lethal hit as the fan’s right shoulder gets crushed into the cold ground.

domwareham YouTube channel

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10. End Zone Takedown

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This fan takes a brutal hit in the end zone by security after running out on the 50-yard line. The fact that he began his run when the ball was still in play could have made this a far more interesting outcome.

markrg3 YouTube channel

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9. Brett Favre has Ball Stolen by Fan

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre had his fair share of turnovers, but how many signal callers can say they were stripped by a fan? This brave soul decided to take the ball from Favre and run as fast as his legs would take him. By far and away, the best part is when he stiffs arm one security guard who then gets jacked up by another guard. It gets me every time. Unfortunately, the fan took a brutal hit before he went down.

jsecor02516 YouTube channel

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8. New Year’s Day at Lambeau Field

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

I was actually at this game and I remember this fan storming the field like it was yesterday. I sat on the 10-yard line and had the perfect view as the fan ran right towards me before he took a hard left, which ended in disaster, courtesy of Packers linebacker Brad Jones.

atenebrini YouTube channel

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7. Handshake Denied

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes a fan storms the field to simply take advantage of the only time in their life they might meet their favorite player. All this fan wanted was a handshake from Ichiro Suzuki, but that was swiftly denied by security when he got steamrolled from behind.

iTzFMX YouTube channel

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6. Boston Red Sox Fan Leveled

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

It is simply one of the more hilarious moments one will see when a fan gets crushed by a security guard. This Boston Red Sox fan is ready to have his moment in the spotlight. Unfortunately, he does not get very far after a security guard with a solid head start levels him.

sslancaster YouTube channel

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5. Drunken Fan Gets Annihilated

ImANinjaaProductions YouTube channel

So much wrong is happening at once. For one, this is a high school football game. Second, that drunken fan committed alcohol abuse when he poured out perfectly good vodka from his water bottled turned vodka bottle. Third, the fan gets absolutely annihilated by what I assume are a bunch of parents of the high school football players. There is no question he deserved the hard hit after he eerily stares at the several players on the field.

ImANinjaaProductions YouTube channel

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4. James Harrison Crushes Fan

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

As if it wasn’t bad enough that the Pittsburgh Steelers have the Cleveland Browns’ number, this Browns fan gets salt piled into the wound after he got crushed by ferocious Steelers linebacker James Harrison. Apparently, alcohol played a significant role, along with the fan’s hatred to watch his favorite team lose to Pittsburgh.

PittsburghWillie YouTube channel

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3. Goalie Kicks Fan Repeatedly

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

If there ever was a reason to not run onto the field, this is probably it. Fans never take into account that the players could actually fight back. AZ Alkmaar goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado did just that when he noticed a fan too close to him. It is unclear if the fan was trying to start a fight. Nonetheless, Alvarado was not going to wait to find out. Craziness ensued when Alvarado was ejected from the game after the referee awarded him a red card for his behavior.

Number1Persia YouTube channel

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2. Repercussions of Running on Field

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

During American football and baseball games, fans running on the field are typically met with laughter and cheers. The fan is not trying to hurt anyone, although he or she might get injured in the process. More or less, they are just trying to scratch one more moment off their bucket list. However, things get a little out of hand in soccer matches overseas. There are several incidents when fans run onto the field in an attempt to do harm to a player. Initially, that is not what happened in this incident, but once the other fans witnessed the police brutality, a riot was bound to break out.

lfspaul YouTube channel

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1. Philly Fan Tasered

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We all knew this epic moment in Philadelphia Phillies history was going to make the list it was just a matter of where. A Philly fan decides it is his moment to shine and storms the field. He has a decent run until the security guards decide tasering is the only way the kid is going down. Does anyone really need any more proof than this to know running onto the field during a sporting event is a bad idea?

headster4481 YouTube channel