Military Surprises: Top 10 at Sporting Events

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Top 10 Military Homecoming Surprises at Sporting Events

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With Veterans Day upcoming and military family members constantly coming home to surprise their respective families, I see no more of an appropriate time to celebrate these surprise homecomings. While you may be asking what this has to do with sports, it really doesn't, but they have all happened at sporting events on this list and these soldiers deserve some tribute.

Military men and women have gone through a lot to give our country freedom and protect us from danger. It's always an emotional time when we witness a military homecoming in person or even on TV. These soldiers dedicated their lives to defend the American flag and they are finally getting the respect they deserve.

Every year, families are surprised at sporting events with the appearance of a family member that they thought was serving overseas for the foreseeable future, but there are instances when these soldiers come home early and want to make sure it's special. I have compiled a list of 10 surprises that will likely bring a tear to your eye that all happened at sporting events.

Do you have family members or friends in the military? Do you wish they would come home soon especially since the holidays are forthcoming? Have you ever wondered what it would look or feel like to have a family member or friend who is a soldier come home to surprise you? Well, this is the list for you then.

As a growing trend of surprises, sports organizations are beginning to make it possible for soldiers to make a public appearance and surprise their families on the football field, baseball field, hockey ice and basketball court.

Here's a little taste of the kind of surprises you're going to see:

Grab some tissues and enjoy.

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Surprise at South Carolina Football Game

south carolina
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A dad surprised his wife and kids before a South Carolina football game this year after appearing on the big screen saying how he wished he could be there -- tricky.

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Family Surprised at Jacksonville Jaguars Game

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William Cook was being honored as the hometown hero of the Jaguars game. It might be hard to cheer for the Jaguars, but this surprise deserves some extra cheers.

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Soldier Surprises Family With Flowers at Tennessee Titans Game

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Military Dad Acts as Catcher at Rays Game

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There are few things more surprising than throwing out the first pitch of the game and then finding out your dad is the catcher and is home for the first time in months from the military.

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Son Surprises Parents at Boston Bruins Game

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There's nothing a parent wants to see more than their child return home safely from war. That's exactly what these Bruins fans got to see.

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Mom Surprises High School Football Player

high school football
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It must be tough as a high school kid to play every football game knowing that your mom isn't there to see it because she's serving our country, but this particular player saw his wish some true right before his eyes.

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Minor League Baseball Surprise

minor league baseball
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This is one of the more creative ones as this dad was supposed to talk to his family on the scoreboard prior to the game as a video call. However, the stadium played it off like the screen went black and the call was lost. The rest is history. Ah, more tissues.

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Surprise at Safeco

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Yet another emotional, cool surprise at a baseball game. Nice to see a happy family.

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Brother Surprises Meyers Leonard at Illinois Basketball Practice

meyers leonard
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Athletes are rarely surprised when it comes to military family members, but this is one case where Meyers Leonard was surprised during a basketball practice at the University of Illinois. His brother came home after two years of not seeing Meyers. This is emotional.

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Mom Surprises Daughter at Wisconsin Football Game

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This one will also tug at your heartstrings, just like the rest of them, as a mother sees her daughter for the first time in a while before a Wisconsin football game. You have to love this stuff.