Most Hated Coaches: Top 10 in Professional Sports

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Most Hated Professional Coaches in Sports

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We all love watching sports. It's true, from football to basketball to hockey and baseball, sports are what make some people's lives complete. However, each sport has those people you just can't stand. Some athletes just strike you the wrong way and you can't understand why while others make your blood boil for a good reason.

If you're a big fan of basketball, who would you say aggravates you the most? Would it be Dwight Howard, LeBron James or Kobe Bryant? Sometimes all three of those players can have diva type of personalities or maybe they just win too much or get whatever they want -- or both. Either way, they are all hated in basketball by fans equally.

What about football fans? Is it Richard Sherman that makes you angry or Richie Incognito or maybe even Ndamukong Suh? Hockey has Sidney Crosby and that can be enough to suffice for the sport because he might be the most hated player in hockey by a long-shot. Baseball has Alex Rodriguez and the former big-time slugger is by far and away the most hated man to step on a baseball field nowadays.

So we all have players we hate, but what about coaches? I know it's kind of hard to hate a coach unless he has coached your team and done a terrible job, but you have to dislike one guy that coaches a rival team or just makes an idiot of himself all the time to the point where it annoys you.

I have done my best to compile a list of the 10 most hated coaches in professional sports today, but I can't promise that I have included your least favorite head coach. Like I said, some are hated by a small group because of rivalries or ruining of teams, but others are universally hated -- I have made a list of the latter.

Take a look at the list and let me know who I've missed.

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10. Kirk Gibson

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Kirk Gibson is a fiery manager and former player. He is loved by his own fans but hated by others because of his "I don't care" attitude and smug look on his face at all times. He might come off as a jerk most of the time and he didn't even attend his own son's high school graduation. Why? Because he said kids are supposed to graduate high school.

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9. John Tortorella

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This is a rare case of a guy who was hated by his own team, the New York Rangers, and their fans before he was ousted following a near-sweep in the playoffs. However, he has made a new home with the Canucks and his confrontational personality hasn't made many friends and fans in the NHL.

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8. Gregg Popovich

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Popovich might be one of the most sarcastic, short-tempered coaches in the NBA. He is one of the best coaches in the league and even one of the most hated. While some people find him to be funny in his antics, others are just annoyed with how he talks down to people.

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7. Terry Francona

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I can tell you one fan base who isn't too pleased with how he left their team -- it's the Boston Red Sox. Now that he is with the Indians, everyone can go back to hating him and not feeling bad for him. It's hard to hate baseball managers, but if there is one, it's Francona -- plus, he was a Red Sox manager which is reason enough.

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6. Greg Schiano

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It looks like Greg Schiano's reign in Tampa might be over quite soon. The head coach of the Buccaneers has been nothing but a nuisance this season and many players have come out and said he's not very well-liked inside the locker room. Not many people like an abrasive, military-style personality when coaching football and he's even told players not to help up the opponent after a tackle. Schiano has been the epitome of classless.

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5. Jim Schwartz

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While most teams aren't afraid of the Lions, Schwartz still seems to make people angry. Whether it's slamming his headset down after a win in a weird celebration, calling the referees profane names or just catching up with coaches after a game and yelling at them for a poor handshake, this guy has done it all to be hated.

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4. Ozzie Guillen

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I can honestly say, no one in baseball likes this guy. I guess some people could find him to be funny, but for the most part, he never says the right thing and often makes huge groups of people angry at once. Oh yeah, and he gets fired from every job he can even earn.

WARNING: This video might contain some profanity.

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3. Rex Ryan

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Rex Ryan is the guy you just can't bring yourself to like. He's seemingly an all-talk, no-results coach and it's starting to wear on Jets fans even if they have had a solid start to the 2013 season. He was on Hard Knocks and he just showed his love for profanity and apparently eating snacks.

WARNING: This video contains profanity.

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2. Bill Belichick

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This monotone caller of plays has been nothing but a jerk since becoming the head coach of the Patriots. I think winning Super Bowls has something to do with his high-and-mighty attitude. If you've ever watched a press conference with him, you probably would want to punch him in the face. Oh yeah, and he's been caught cheating in the spygate scandal.

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1. Jim Harbaugh

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Harbaugh is the kind of guy you love to hate and it's not difficult at all to say he's the least favorite coach in the NFL today. Complaining about every call and not knowing the rules of the NFL at times are two reasons he can be hated, but the fact that he thinks he is the best coach out there just a couple years into his NFL career is just foolish. Sometimes his mouth needs to be glued shut.

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