Tim Tebow and the 20 Athletes You Don’t Want Playing Sports Again

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Tim Tebow and 20 Athletes You Hate to See Play Again

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Athletes today have been pampered and told they are the best thing to grace this fine earth. Some athletes are 40 years old and still hear that from family, friends and even former teammates. Some athletes believe in their heart of hearts that they can still play the game they love even if they are past their prime by a long-shot or if they are just not good enough to play.

Watching sports is a pleasure and when you get to see the most talented athletes in the world play sports, it's a privilege to say you were alive to see it happen. When you think about it, it's kind of crazy to think that some athletes will one day be considered past their prime. Guys like LeBron James who is the best basketball player, and maybe the best overall athlete, in the world will one day be considered "too old" and "past his prime". It's hard to think a guy like that will become irrelevant one day.

People like Tim Tebow, however, are not the best at what they do. Tebow is known for being a great college quarterback and a great overall guy. He's so well-liked, it's hard to say that you want him to give up on football forever, but if he doesn't change positions, he will never get another realistic chance at starting in the NFL.

While this list is made for the sole purpose to explain who the most annoying athletes to hear about are, the most hated athletes are or the athletes who just need to give it up because they would be making fools of themselves by trying to make a comeback past their prime.

Take a look at the list of Tim Tebow and the 10 athletes you would hate to see try to take another crack at playing again.

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20. Plaxico Burress

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Plaxico has played just one full season since 2008 -- most of that was because of his time spent in jail. He should just quit trying to make a comeback and retire from the league.

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19. Juwan Howard

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It's hard to believe that Juwan Howard is still in the NBA. He hasn't been relevant since 2006-07 and has been at the end of the Miami Heat bench for the past three seasons.

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18. Byron Leftwich

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Remember when Byron Leftwich was considered a solid quarterback with Jacksonville? Yeah, that seems like decades ago. Since leaving the Jaguars in 2006, the quarterback has played in just 14 games and passed for less than 1,500 yards to go along with seven touchdowns and six picks.

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17. Matt Leinart

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Talk about a bust. This guy was a top-10 pick in the 2006 NFL Draft but has since fallen off the map. He has 'played' for three different teams since 2009 -- looks like it's time to hang up the cleats, Matt.

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16. Braylon Edwards

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No one wants a guy back in the NFL that takes selfies with fans -- pictured above. Also, he dropped passes better than Calvin Johnson catches them.

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15. Jason Giambi

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Not having played a full season since 2008 with the New York Yankees, Giambi has been the token old man power hitter who gets one at bat every three games.

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14. Mark Sanchez

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Mark Sanchez is just not a good NFL quarterback. He was considered the worst starting quarterback in the league before his injury and now maybe he can turn his sights to modeling.

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13. Gilbert Arenas

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Worst contract in NBA history. Arenas is set to make more than most superstars this season -- over $20 million -- and he isn't even in the league. Let's hope it stays that way for Agent Zero.

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12. Lance Armstrong

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From hero to zero, Armstrong was caught doping in order to cheat bicycling. He also called out many people in the process. Not many people are fans of this fraud.

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11. Randy Moss

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Since 2010, Moss has been irrelevant and it's time for one of the best receivers of all time to hang it up for good. He had a good run, however.

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10. Jamarcus Russell

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Russell was drafted solely on potential back in 2007 out of LSU and the quarterback never lived up to that potential. He's been trying to make a comeback, but he's just embarrassing himself at this point.

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9. Vince Young

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Young is guy who played well in his first couple years in the league for the Tennessee Titans but was another quarterback who never lived up to the hype. He has been known to beg teams for a tryout. Just sad.

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8. Tracy McGrady

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Tracy McGrady could never succeed in the playoffs throughout his entire career and didn't get out of the first round until last season with the Spurs. Now that he's retired, teams are praying he doesn't come back because signing him is a hex on any title hopes.

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7. Manny Ramirez

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The phrase "Manny being Manny" got old pretty fast and the guy hung around far too long for anyone's good. He's currently trying to make a comeback to the MLB, but he should just hang up the cleats.

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6. Allen Iverson

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Iverson retired a short time ago and was very emotional about it. He was a "me first" type of player, but one of the most exciting selfish players of all time. Let's hope he doesn't make a last-ditch effort at an NBA return.

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5. Chad Johnson

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Next up: Chad Johnson. Or Ochocinco. Whichever name he goes by these days. He was cut from the Miami Dolphins in the preseason in 2012 after a domestic abuse charge. He's a cocky, arrogant guy who will not be missed.

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4. Terrell Owens

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Terrell Owens is just like Chad Johnson in the way that he was an arrogant receiver who tried for too long to make an NFL return. However, he is pursuing a bowling career now, so he might be out of football for a while.

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3. Tim Tebow

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Talk about a sad case at quarterback in which the guy can't throw worth a lick. He might have the worst throwing motion out there and if he doesn't change positions, I don't think any football fan will be mad if he doesn't come back to the sport. Maybe he will become an actor or motivational speaker.

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2. Brett Favre

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Brett Favre was giving everyone a headache with his indecisiveness a while back about retiring and un-retiring. Let's all be happy he is retired for good.

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1. Alex Rodriguez

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

This has to be the easiest choice on this list. Not many people would be sad if this arrogant cheater was gone from baseball forever.