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20 Weird Sports Fan Superstitions You Should Adopt

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20 Weird Sports Fan Superstitions You Should Adopt

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People can say what they want about superstitions when it comes to sports. They don’t exist, they aren’t real, fans and players are crazy for believing in them. Try telling any fan of the Chicago Cubs that superstitions aren’t real and see how convincing they are.

Whether wearing a certain article of clothing or eating the same pre-game meal actually works, is it really worth taking a chance otherwise? If a favorite team is in a slump maybe it’s not such a bad idea to switch back to light beer. Is a favorite player in a slump at the plate? Make sure to put the mustard on before the ketchup during the seventh inning stretch.

Personally, I’m not a huge believer in superstitions or at least I didn’t think I was. Then I realized I have gone through my fair share at sporting events and watching games on television. Some of them are weird and I have to imagine friends will think I am crazy, that is until my favorite teams continue to win. Then the superstitions get adopted by many, which in itself could throw off the natural balance of the superstition in the first place.

If anything else, sports superstitions are a way for a fan to feel a part of the game. Obviously, we have no way of physically helping our favorite team win the big contest. We just have to watch and hope for the best. However, if doing a specific routine has some effect on the outcome then it is our duty to believe in the power of the superstition, whether it is at home thousands of miles away or sitting in the stands.

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20. Never Speak During a No-Hitter

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This one is the most obvious on the countdown. Regardless, it still must be pointed out. It doesn’t matter if you are a player in the dugout, a spectator in the stands or a fan watching at home. The same rule will always apply and that is to never speak of a no-hitter during a no-hitter.

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19. Same Pre-Game Meal

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Players do it all the time so why can’t the fans do the same. Brian Urlacher ate two chocolate chip cookies before every game and it worked out pretty well for him. It certainly couldn’t hurt to eat a cheeseburger with all the fixings prior to every contest, whether you are tailgating at the stadium or sitting at home on the couch.

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18. Never Leave a Game Early

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I have heard some horror stories regarding this superstition. Every fan should abide by the same rule, which is to never leave a game early. How many Miami Heat fans said they witnessed the ridiculous comeback in Game 6 only to actually be sitting in the parking lot? Obviously, it worked out well for the Heat in that situation. However, too many times fans leave early with their team in the lead to avoid traffic only to find out on the ride home that the closer blew it in the ninth inning.

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17. War Paint

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Some fans believe it is absolutely necessary to have some sort of face or body paint on during a game. If the war paint isn’t applied prior to the contest bad things could happen. If your team is currently in a slump maybe giving this one a shot isn’t a terrible idea.

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16. Playoff Beard

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The famous playoff beard that so many male fans are buying into these days. I’m not exactly sure how convincing this ritual is considering fans of every team in the playoffs during a given postseason attempt to grow a beard in honor of their favorite franchise. However, only one team eventually comes out on top. With that being said, I am well aware the Boston Red Sox recently won the World Series with their fear the beard mentality.

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15. Throw Back First Catch

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Fishing enthusiasts may want to give this superstition a try. It is said that throwing back the first catch of the morning will actually bring plenty of good luck throughout the trip. Those who keep their first catch may find it difficult to land another fish.

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14. Team Colored Jewelry

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Gems in general are said to bring good luck during games. It is just easier to have them around in the form of jewelry. Using the same colors of your favorite team will instantly bring gratification during a contest in which they are worn.

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13. Start with Odd-Numbered Clubs

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Anyone who has ever found themselves on a golf course understands how frustrating the sport can be. One superstition that most golfers have probably never attempted but should really give a try is to start out a round with the use of only odd-numbered clubs. The eight-iron may put you right next to the pin but taking a little off with a seven-iron on the first hole may give way for the round of a lifetime.

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12. Avoid Favorite Players in Fantasy

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This is a superstition that fantasy owners can take or leave, but I’ve heard enough to buy into it. Avoid drafting your favorite players at all costs if you want them to have a good season. Sure, Aaron Rodgers is a solid quarterback to have on your roster because he is going to consistently put up plenty of points each week. However, is he really worth risking an entire season?

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11. Everything the Same Underneath

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Same underwear, undershirt and socks for every contest. Need to wear multiple layers due to the temperatures dropping? Make sure your favorite game day shirt is on underneath the sweatshirt. Do you want to ensure that third consecutive victory? Don’t even think about washing the dirty laundry.

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10. Wad of Gum on Hat

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This is a big one that plenty of baseball players have been known to do, so why not adopt it as a superstition of your own. Chew plenty of gum in the parking lot and make sure that wad is stuck nicely to your ball cap right before the first pitch to bring good luck.

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9. Acorns

Courtesy of @SuperPrinceBro Twitter

For whatever reason, acorns have been known to help with several issues in sports. Is your favorite quarterback unable to stay upright? Make sure to have acorns on your person during all four quarters to avoid sacks. Acorns are said to help with missed free throws, penalties in hockey and fielding errors, among other things. Give it a try; what do you have to lose?

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8. Keep the Change

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

This is one superstition that I can attest to. During the Green Bay Packers’ magical run in 2010, I was at the Dec. 26 must-win contest against the New York Giants. After purchasing a drink, I put the change in my right pocket. Only a few coins that would change history. The Packers went on to dismantle the Giants and win every game after that. For every single contest all the way through the Super Bowl win, I made sure that exact change was in my right pocket. You’re welcome, Packer nation.

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7. Buy Beer at Right Time

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Whether it is during the National Anthem, the two minute warning prior to halftime or the seventh inning stretch, the precise moment that a beer is bought could affect the outcome of a game. If anything else, it is a good way to convince the hometown fans that you need to skip the long line to ensure a victory.

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6. Let the Dog Choose

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

There is a story about a Green Bay man who would place a home and away Packers jersey on the ground and let his dog choose which one he should wear on game day. No matter what jersey was chosen by the canine, the Packers would always win. Unfortunately, the first time the dog was supposedly ever wrong was when Green Bay lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2003 playoffs after the dreaded fourth-and-26 occurred. Regardless, letting the dog choose what jersey you should wear could be the difference in making or missing out on the postseason.

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5. Wear Opponent Underwear

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Clothing has been a superstition used by players and fans for decades. Most people are aware of Michael Jordan wearing his college shorts under game shorts when he played for the Chicago Bulls and Jason Giambi wearing a gold thong to get out of a slump in 2008. I’m not saying wearing a thong is necessary, but what a superstitious fan might want to try is wearing underwear that has the logo of an opposing team. Jason Terry wears an opposing team’s shorts underneath his for every single game and he has had a rather respectable career. Honestly, when a team is in a slump what do fans have to lose?

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4. Use Same Stall at Game

Courtesy of @7LogFarm7 Twitter

This superstition could get to be a bit tricky depending on how much has been drunk and how long the line is at given stall. Nonetheless, using the same stall at every single game is a superstition that must be given a try when in dire need of a winning streak.

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3. Keep Crickets Close

Courtesy of @WildlifeMag Twitter

This one goes along with the acorns in the sense that crickets are believed to bring good luck to all of those who obtain them. Need a player to bust out of a slump, score a touchdown or record a save? Make sure there is at least one cricket in a plastic bag in your pocket. Even a dead cricket will do but that could get a little weird.

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2. Find a Pig

Benny Sieu-USA Today Sports

This is a superstition that many fans are happy to abide by. Have a pig close by prior to a sporting event typically means good things will happen. The obvious is to consume pork products such as a hot dog or bacon. To take it a step further, rub or even kiss (for the desperate fan) the snout of a pig could prove to be a major difference in the ball game.

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1. Avoid Washing Jersey

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This is most likely the most famous fan superstition of them all. Never ever wash a worn jersey after a win because the consequences could be unbearable. I absolutely abide by this rule and it seems to work a majority of the time. It doesn’t matter if ketchup, whiskey or beer gets spilled on the jersey. If the team wins then it stays dirty. Of course, when the team loses wash it as many times as necessary until the stink of defeat is completely gone.