2014 Winter Olympics: Journalists Banned From Taking Social Media Pictures

By Andrew Fisher

Social media has changed the way that humans interact and its most certainly changed the way sports are covered. Fans are now able to essentially get up to the second updates on their favorite teams and players. Breaking news, really only exists on Twitter and similar forms of social media in 2013. So naturally, you’d think that reporting via social media would be a big part of the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics. However, that’s not exactly going to be the case.

News came down on Monday that journalists in attendance at the games this February in Sochi, will no be allowed to take their own photos for sharing on social media. This means no Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus or whatever your platform of choice is.

“Journalists using mobile phones to film athletes or spectators will be considered a serious violation and will result in cancellation of accreditation,” said Vasily Konov, who is the head of the R-Sport news agency.

The new rule only applies to journalists, as fans are still free to snap photos and share away, as long as they don’t have professional equipment. The ban for journalists includes the use of phones, tablets, and any type of mobile device.

At this time, it appears that journalists can still tweet and share thoughts on social media, as long as no photos are included.

As for the logic behind this ruling, it’s really anyone’s guess? If they’re trying to limit the amount of spoilers on the internet, they’ll need to completely ban the use of social media all together.


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