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New Orleans Pelicans’ Pierre and the Creepiest Mascots in Sports

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Pierre the Pelican and Friends - The Creepiest Mascots in Sports

Pierre the Pelican
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

What is the purpose of a mascot in sports? Mascots are supposed to be fun, funny, energizing, and a fan's best friend when they attend a game that their favorite team is involved in.

A mascot serves as the liaison between the players and their fans and often can be more entertaining than the game itself, especially when your team is putting up terrible numbers and having a rough outing. Then, of course, there are the mascots that you hope don't make their way over to the section you are sitting in because they are just flat out creepy.

These are the mascots that would be better off seeking employment at a tacky haunted house rather than running around a stadium or arena terrifying both children and adults while trying to represent a school or professional team.

Pierre the pelican of the New Orleans Pelicans is the latest creepy mascot to take the stage, or the court if you will. It's not certain whether Pierre is actually a pelican or rather a giant possessed chicken. Either way, if the team's family ticket package sales start to slide, the Pelicans front office shouldn't have any problem figuring out why.

Pierre is by far one of the creepiest mascot in sports, but there are a few others around the country that are right behind him in regards to their creep factor. Here are 5 mascots that help Pierre round out the creepiest mascots in sports.

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5. Rowdy of the Dallas Cowboys

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Not only does Rowdy of the Dallas Cowboys look way too happy, especially for the way his team played this past Sunday, but he also looks like he stays up all night. Who knows what that guy is up to after he's off the clock.

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4. Oski of the California Golden Bears

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Oski is one weird looking dude. This guy looks like something out of a Berenstein Bears nightmare. How on earth does a player on any California Golden Bears team get pumped up while looking at a preppy bear with a creepy smile?

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3. Pistol Pete of Oklahoma State University

Pistol Pete
Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

Pistol Pete of Oklahoma State University doesn't necessarily look like a nice guy, let alone an enjoyable guy to be around. He's way too lifelike for his own good. No young OSU Cowboys fan is going to want to get their picture taken with this guy, and rightfully so.

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2. The Stanford Tree of Stanford University

Stanford Tree
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Any tree that appears to be wearing lipstick and looking at you with their humungous eyes is creepy in my book. The Stanford Tree has been creeping people out as Stanford University's unofficial mascot since 1975. Perhaps that's why they still use the term 'unofficial' when describing him, or it.

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1. Friar Dom of the Providence Friars

Friar Dom
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Any man with a giant head and a toothless smile can be classified as creepy, especially Friar Dom of the Providence Friars. Friar Dom is arguably the creepiest mascot in all of sports and most definitely rivals Pierre of the Pelicans for this distinction. For the Friars, this guy just doesn't make any sense at all. Now, that's creepy.