Top 15 Most Hated Fan Bases in Sports

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Top 15 Most Hated Fan Bases in Sports

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Everyone has their favorite sports teams. Usually favoritism comes as a territorial claim for sports teams and that's especially true when it comes to professional sports. If you're from Dallas, your probably love the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks. If you're from Miami, you probably root for the Miami Heat and Miami Dolphins -- if they're doing well. If you're from Boston, you most likely cheer for the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics.

Many fans take their fandom to an entirely new level. What do I mean by this? Well, you know if you're a fan you will root hard for a team, but some fans almost forget that other teams even exist. Some fans are so arrogant and cocky that they believe that their team is the best every season no matter what. Forget realism, some fans are so blind to reality that they just assume their favorite team is the top in its respective sport.

Losing can also be the most painful feeling if you're a super fan. One loss in the NFL is so much more meaningful than one loss in the NBA given the length of each season in games. Losing games in college football can end a season of national championship hopes as teams only have 12 games to prove themselves.

Everyone is a fan of something. Most sports fans can have their moments when they let all of their frustrations out at once and it usually results in poor representations of a fan base.

Each fan base is known for one thing or another but there are those fan bases that are notorious for being dirty, rude and just flat-out nasty to the opposing fans, referees and opposing players. There are hated teams as well as hated fan bases, and we will take a look at the latter on this list.

Let's take a look at the top 15 most hated fan bases in sports. Let me know who I've missed.

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15. Manchester United

manchester united
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Manchester United is like the New York Yankee team of soccer -- hence why not many people like them. Also, who likes an arrogant soccer fan?

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14. New York Knicks

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The Knicks aren't the best franchise in the NBA but try telling their fans that. Spike Lee is the epitome of an annoying Knicks fan.

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13. Alabama Crimson Tide Football

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Alabama has one of the top college football programs in recent memory. However, even Nick Saban is mad at the fan base for rarely staying until the end of games and it's been noted how spoiled these fans are -- they think the constant winning is boring. If you think winning too much is boring then get out of here.

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12. New England Patriots

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New Englanders can be hard to handle outside of sporting events, but put a bunch of them into a stadium and have their team win multiple championships and you will never hear the end of it.

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11. Boston Celtics

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Another team that is hard to handle because of the Boston fan base. Some Boston fans are extremely hospitable, but the Celtics are the most storied franchise in the NBA and the fans won't let you forget that -- even when they are having a terrible season.

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10. New York Jets

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Oh no, not those guys at the NFL draft who scream and yell after every pick their team makes. Yup, those are Jets fans for you.

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9. Ohio State Buckeyes

ohio state
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Ohio State basketball and football are always one of the best teams in the nation and it's almost unbearable to hear about. There is probably no worse fan base in college football and basketball combined than the Buckeyes who always know they are the best in each sport.

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8. Duke Blue Devils Basketball

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Just look at the above picture. There are so many things wrong with it and that's just a normal game for the Cameron Crazies.

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7. Dallas Cowboys

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Labeling themselves as 'America's team' has to be one thing wrong with Cowboys fans, but it could also be the fact that they are quick to jump on their own players after a loss, rarely giving other teams credit for victories. Opponents of Cowboys never beat them, they beat themselves -- according to the Dallas faithful.

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6. Los Angeles Lakers

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The Lakers fan base is summed up in the picture above. They are wild, crazy and full of weird personalities. While many Lakers fans are famous, the non-celebrities are somewhat like these ones.

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5. Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football

notre dame
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They are supposed to win the national title every year, right? Well, if you ask the Notre Dame football fans, the answer is yes. However, they usually are extremely overrated and finish with three or four losses -- with the exception of the 2012 season.

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4. Boston Red Sox

red sox
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They have won three titles in the past nine years and their loud fans won't let you hear the end of it -- they will probably never lose again.

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3. Miami Heat

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Where was this fan base when the Heat were an average NBA team a few years back? Those were the same people who left Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals early just to find out that the Heat beat the Spurs. Some great fans right here.

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2. New York Yankees

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No one can embrace the most hated players in baseball better than the Yankees. Ah, nothing like rooting for a steroid user/cheater day in and day out.

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1. Oakland Raiders

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The loud-yelling, arrogant-speaking and costume-toting individual will scare the daylights out of anyone they encounter. These fans will paint themselves and cheer for one of the dirtiest NFL teams of all time like it's nobody's business.