Teacher Punches Student After Comment About Favorite Football Team

By Andrew Fisher
Student Assault
via 12 News

It seems like there isn’t a day that goes by anymore where you don’t hear a disturbing story from the American school system. This latest one, however, is particularly disturbing. Reginald Wells is a student at Willie Ray Smith Middle School. He’s 12 years old, stands 4’11” and weighs about 80 pounds. But despite his age and size, a teacher decided to sock him in the face this past week.

Wells says that he was having a talk with an assistant teacher from his math class about football, when all of sudden he punched him in the shoulder. Next thing Wells knew, he was getting hit in the face and he proceeded to black out from the blows.

“The last person’s voice I heard was some girl saying that I should call my mom, and then he like hit me, and I blacked out. All of a sudden he just hit me, in my shoulder and I looked at him like ‘what the heck?’ The left side of my face was numb… my lip hurt… my head was hurt, like it had been shaken.”

The reason Wells was hit by his teacher? He made a joke about his favorite team.

The most disturbing part of the story is that the teacher allegedly said that he couldn’t apologize for the incident, because he was just snapped after having a bad day. The teacher was fired and escorted off the premises immediately following the incident. As you could imagine, the boy’s mother is seeking legal action against him.

Here’s the whole story from 12 News:

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