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Top 25 Overrated Athletes Who Aren’t As Good As People Think

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Top 25 Most Overrated Athletes in Sports

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Every sport has athletes that earn far more respect than they should -- it's been like that since the beginning of time. We like to call these athletes annoying, but they are also called, more appropriately, overrated. It looks like the media covers a certain athlete far more than it should. Guys like LeBron James and Tim Tebow dominate headlines even when they aren't playing.

It might seem like the sport in season can be the main victim when it comes to declaring players great or over-covering them. However, that's not always true. In fact, even during the summer and heading into the basketball season, LeBron James dominated headlines because of his offseason workouts. Or how about Derrick Rose? He was one of the most talked about athletes during his own offseason.

Being overrated isn't always the media's fault. Sometimes athletes think they're far better than they actually are. Although Floyd Mayweather is arguably the best boxer in the world and one of the best athletes in the world, he would be in this category if he wasn't that good. If he was an average boxer and acted like he does now, people would be angry with how overrated he is.

You almost feel bad for the guys who receive attention and can never live up to the hype. Guys like Tebow were so closely followed and basically ran to the ground by the media because of the ridiculous non-warranted attention it sometimes give athletes.

Back to the real point, every sport has athletes that either think they are better than they are, are told they are greater than they are or just garner way too much attention for being average. Who are those athletes?

Check out the list of the 25 most overrated athletes in sports today. No. 1 might shock you.

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25. Ryan Dempster

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In 2012, Dempster had a 2.25 ERA through 16 starts with the Chicago Cubs. The Red Sox were paying the guy big money because they believed he was worth over $13 million. Not sure if a guy with a 4.35 career ERA and a losing record is worth that much money.

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24. Tim Lincecum

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After getting his career off to a scorching start that included three of his first five season posting a sub-three ERA, two CY Young awards and a couple World Series titles. However, he has been awful for the past two seasons and just signed a two-year, $35 million contract extension. Questionable move at best.

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23. Cristiano Ronaldo

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Sure Ronaldo has over 300 career goals, but he is known more for his wealth and being an overpaid athlete. He is a solid player, but there's no doubt that he is given far too much credit.

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22. Tom Brady

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

People talk about Tom Brady like he's the best quarterback to ever step on a football field. It seems like he's always given credit for the Patriots success although the teams he's had surrounding him have been phenomenal.

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21. Trent Richardson

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Richardson was expected to be the difference-maker in the Indianapolis Colts quest for a Super Bowl when they traded for him. However, he has been anything but effective, racking up just 377 yards and three touchdowns in his first 10 games of 2013 with a 3.0 yards per carry average.

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20. Michael Vick

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Every season, Vick is expected to be some electrifying player like he used to be, but he ends up being a shell of his former self.

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19. Joe Johnson

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Johnson hasn't played a complete season since 2007-08 and hasn't been solid since 2011-12. His numbers have been going down each season, yet he's making over $20 million a year -- he's averaging under 13 points per game in 2013.

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18. Chris Bosh

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Bosh signed a six-year, $110 million contract in 2010 and has been the weakest link of the "big three" for the Miami Heat. He hasn't been the dominant force he was expected to be down low for Miami, never averaging more than 8.3 rebounds per game with the Heat.

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17. Pau Gasol

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Gasol was supposed to be the missing piece the Lakers needed to make multiple championship runs, but has been weak down low. The biggest knock on his is that he gets beat up in the paint by big men around the league. He's averaging just 13 points per game and shooting under 40 percent on the 2013 season.

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16. Teddy Bridgewater

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I don't doubt Bridgewater will have a solid career, but to make him out to be the next big thing at the next level isn't fair just yet -- he plays in one of the weakest conferences in the nation.

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15. Chris Johnson

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

After becoming just the seventh player in NFL history to rush for over 2,000 yards in 2009, Chris Johnson earned the nickname CJ2K. Following this, his head got huge and he's been a disappointment ever since.

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14. Jay Cutler

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, he's expected to lead the Bears to the Super Bowl -- by his own fans -- and every year he fails. This might be a rare case of a player being overrated by his own fans.

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13. Jeremy Lin

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

After just a number of solid weeks with the New York Knicks in 2011-12, Lin was regarded as the next big thing. He's come back to earth a bit since then, but he enjoyed his month of extreme fame.

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12. Prince Fielder

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers might be second guessing the huge contract they signed Prince Fielder to just two years ago. The big power hitter has been big, but his power seems to have taken a break since making big money, having his lowest and third-lowest home run totals in two years with the team -- oh, and can't forget putting up 0 RBI in the 2013 postseason.

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11. Sidney Crosby

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Regarded as the best player in hockey, Crosby is talented, but not as talented as everyone makes him out to be. Some say he is the next Gretzky, but that's just not a fair comparison for the overrated Crosby.

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10. Amar'e Stoudemire

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks signed Stoudemire in 2010 and it was a huge free agent splash as they were getting a guy who could average at least 20 points and eight rebounds per game. He did just that in his first year with New York, but has played just 82 total games in three years since while making about $20 million a year.

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9. Derek Jeter

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Jeter has not always been overrated, but these days he has definitely been just that. After beginning his career with the Yankees with the distinction as "captain", he has fallen off in recent years, yet just signed a one-year, $12 million contract with New York after not being able to stay healthy for the past few years. Poor contract signing.

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8. Alex Rodriguez

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Rodriguez might have one of the highest home run totals in MLB history, but his use of performance-enhancing drugs will forever taint his name as well as put an asterisk next to his stats. He has hit just 41 homers in the last three years and hasn't played a full season since 2007. The mammoth contract he signed with the Yankees might be enough to put him atop the list of overrated athletes -- but there are too many worthy athletes ahead of him.

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7. Joe Flacco

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Flacco hasn't missed a game in his entire career, but that doesn't mean he's a solid quarterback. Sure he won a Super Bowl a season ago, but his defense was the main reason for that success. He signed one of the worst contracts in league history after the title -- six year and $120 million. That's a lot of money to pay for a guy who has never passed for 4,000 yards or over 25 touchdowns in five years.

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6. Dwight Howard

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Sure he has the physical tools to be great, but I don't think he knows how to utilize those tools yet. He is immature and it shows with his underperforming play for the past few seasons.

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5. Johnny Manziel

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Winning the Heisman is no fluke, but the fact that people are calling him a first round draft pick in the upcoming NFL Draft is ridiculous. The kid is immature and makes poor decisions that he wouldn't get away with in the NFL -- like throw the ball up in the air into triple coverage and pray that Mike Evans catches it -- which he usually does. Manziel's string of luck might be over soon.

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4. Andrew Wiggins

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Too many people have been regarding Wiggins as the next LeBron and the best college basketball player in recent memory. However, he's not even the best freshman in the nation this year.

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3. Josh Hamilton

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Hamilton signed a five-year, $125 million contract with the Los Angeles Angels in 2013 and has been anything but productive, hitting .250 with 21 homers and 79 RBI. He has hit over 32 home runs once and has had over 100 RBI just three times in his seven-year career while hitting over .300 just twice, yet he makes about $25 million per year. Something's not adding up.

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2. Carmelo Anthony

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Making $21 million per year isn't too much for a guy with a career average of 25 points per game, but he takes about 20 shots per game and hasn't approached a 47 percent shooting rate since 2007-08.

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1. LeBron James

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron doesn't win any championships and he's overrated. He wins two titles and he's already regarded by many as better than Michael Jordan. Sorry, LeBron, you have a ton of work to do if you're going to be better than MJ. Also, it's a lot easier to win titles with two other superstars on the team with you. Pretty call here as the most overrated player out there.