Recasting the Sitcom “Friends” With Famous Athletes

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Recasting "Friends" With Athletes

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If you grew up in the 1990s and had parents who loved sitcoms, especially "Seinfeld", you have probably seen the show "Friends". It was a simple concept, a group of six friends who did everything together were the main characters. There were ups, there were downs and there were just plain crazy moments seemingly at every turn.

Watching all 10 seasons from 1994-2004, everyone fell in love with the characters and nearly felt like they were part of the cast. The fun-loving, crazy group was based in Manhattan, a borough of New York City, and followed major life events and just random life events of this group of people.

Have you ever wondered which athletes would play which character if the show was recast to include athletes? Probably not, but I'm sure you are now. The cast of characters was quirky, crazy and just an overall riot, so which athletes would be perfect for each role? Well, let's take a look at the kind of role they'd play.

First, let's take a look at the male roles. Ross is the know-it-all character who tends to be awkward and goofy at times. It will take someone extremely smart and sometimes awkward to play this role. Joey is the ladies man and the guy of the group who has the least amount of common sense. Chandler tells terrible jokes and is liked by everyone at one moment and then hated the next.

Alright, now the female characters. Rachel is the girl that everyone is jealous of and someone every female wants to be. Monica is a strong personality and a dominant figure. If she doesn't get it her way, you better watch out. Finally, Phoebe is the Joey of the girls. She is goofy, silly and lacks common sense -- oh yeah and she's a bit crazy.

Okay, folks, let's start the fun. Take a look at the recasting of "Friends" using athletes and let me know if there is someone more qualified for each character.

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Monica: Serena Williams

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Looking for a dominant personality who has to have it her way? Look no further than Serena Williams. Oh yeah, and Monica always wants to win anything she tries -- an ultra competitive person. Serena loves to win, and if she doesn't, you might not want to be around her.

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Rachel: Danica Patrick

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All the female characters seem jealous of Rachel. Danica Patrick has it all: a ton of friends, accomplishments and a good boyfriend. She's one of the most successful women in racing of all time. All the characters would die to be in her position -- oh yeah, and she's probably the most famous female athlete out there.

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Joey: Ryan Lochte

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This one was too easy. Joey lacked common sense -- Ryan lacks common sense. Joey is a ladies man -- Ryan is a ladies man. Joey tried to be a famous actor -- Ryan attempted to make it big with his own reality show and failed. Ryan would do far too well in this role and he wouldn't even need to act.

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Chandler: Chris Bosh

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Chandler is awkward and tells bad jokes. Well, hey, Chris Bosh is just as awkward with his photo-bombing -- even if it is a joke. Chandler would be the guy to awkwardly make conversation and is sometimes a third wheel. Chris Bosh is the third wheel on his own team.

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Phoebe: Tonya Harding


Phoebe is crazy and does insane things. Tonya Harding is the epitome of crazy. Sure, she's no longer an athlete, but she's so qualified for the role since she had her ex-husband assault Nancy Kerrigan -- her competitor -- in a 1994 practice before a huge competition. Phoebe would definitely do something that crazy.

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Ross: Andrew Luck

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Andrew Luck is goofy and smart and awkward. Hey, perfect guy for the role of Ross. Ross is extremely out there and is smarter than everyone on the show -- Luck went to Stanford and you can tell by listening to him that he's extremely intelligent. The awkward thing is a given, too.