Top 15 Post-Game Interviews In Sports

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Top 15 Post-Game Interviews In Sports

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What is the one thing that all sports fans can enjoy equally? Post-game interviews. There have been some great ones over the years. I’ll going over my own personal favorites in this top 15. Admittedly, I’m more of a football guy, so most of my list is comprised of NFL coaches and players. I feel all of the post-game interviews I chose are all great in their own ways.

Why is it that fans love some of these post game interviews though? I believe there are many reasons. For one, most coaches are really cookie cutter in their responses. They say cliche things like “we have to take it one game at a time”, “we have to execute better”, “we have to play within ourselves”, etc. Some of these legendary post-game interviews have a certain level of honesty to them. It’s not just generic coach speak. Also with certain people, you can see sides of them that you didn’t know were there. For example, Dennis Green always came of as a mild mannered type of guy, but after a tough loss on Monday Night Football, he unleashed his rage for the world to see. Another great scenario is interviewing a player on the field immediately after the game, as more adrenaline equals less filter.

The following are 15 of my favorite post-game sports interviews of all time. As always, I encourage your feedback. Thank you and enjoy the show.

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15. Jim Mora: Playoffs!?

Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

I'm sure we're all familiar with this classic. After Jim Mora's Indianapolis Colts suffered an embarrassing loss to the San Francisco 49ers, he was asked what he thought his teams playoff chances would be. He said, "Uh playoffs? Don't talk to me about playoffs! You kidding me? Playoffs?" In addition to being a legendary post-game interview, this is probably the most imitated of the bunch. Everybody loves shrieking "playoffs" in that classic high-pitched voice.

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14. Jim Mora: Diddly Poo

Chuck Cook-USA Today Sports

Because of the popularity of the "Playoffs!?" interview, this classic Mora post-game interview often gets overlooked. After a rough loss, Mora said "We did diddly poo on offense, we couldn't run, we couldn't stop the run, we sucked." Sometimes I wished that Mora could come back to coaching in the NFL, or anywhere for that matter.

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13. Herm Edwards: You play to win the game

Kim Klement-USA Today Sports

What really puts this one over the top for me is Herm Edwards' facial expressions. "You play to win the game", Edwards says, then pulls back with a very puzzled look at the reporter. He then says once again more emphatically, "You play to win the don't play it just to play it". Whatever the case, this little rant of Edwards helped to spark the New York Jets out of he funk they were in at the time. Maybe they didn't know that they were supposed to play to win?

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12. Dennis Green: They are who we thought they were

Mark J. Rebilas-USA Today Sports

After the Arizona Cardinals pretty much gave away what would have been an awesome upset over the Chicago Bears, the frustrations of Green were just festering. "They are who we thought they were! And we let them off the hook. If you want to crown 'em then crown 'em! But the Bears are who we thought they were!" Most fans could relate, seeing as this would be normal banter you would hear from a fan after a tough loss.

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11. Bart Scott: Can't wait

Debby Wong-USA Today Sports

This is the perfect example of how great on-field post-game interviews are. After Bart Scott went on a rant for around a minute about how nobody gave his New York Jets a chance against the New England Patriots, he was asked how he felt about playing the Pittsburgh Steelers the following week in the AFC Championship, to which he responded: "Can't wait". Two simple words with an intense tone made Scott a star.

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10. Ryan Leaf: Knock it off

Jake Roth-USA Today Sports

This one moment was the genesis of the free fall for no. 2 pick Ryan Leaf, who many consider the biggest draft bust of all time. After his first loss (of many) in the NFL, Leaf snapped at a reporter asking normal questions. This is the moment when the whole world finally saw how immature this kid really was.

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9. Bill Callahan: The dumbest team in America

Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

What a difference a year makes. From playing in the Super Bowl to being one of the worst teams in league, Bill Callahan's "We've got to be the dumbest team in America" rant just about sealed his fate as yet another former Oakland Raiders coach.

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8. Mike Ditka: You'd be in a bad mood if you were 2-7

Jerry Lai-USA Today Sports

Mike Ditka was clearly in a bad mood during this interview. From watching it again, it seemed like he would have rather been getting a root canal at the time. A reporter asked "Mike, why are you in such a bad mood?" To which Ditka replied "What do you care? You'd be in a bad mood if you were 2-7." Can't argue with that.

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7. Mike Gundy: I'm a man, I'm 40

Jerome Miron-USA Today Sports

Mike Gundy expressed his passion after a game about a newspaper article ripping on one of his quarterbacks. Gundy basically said to not attack the hardworking kids, but rather attack him (Gundy) because he can take it. Of course, there was the classic "I'm a man, I'm 40" which put this one over the top.

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6. Mike Singletary: Can't play with them, can't win with them

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA Today Sports

Mike Singletary was referring to a young Vernon Davis here. Davis committed a few stupid personal fouls, which caused Singletary to remove Davis from the game. This might have been the best thing to ever happen to Davis as he needed that at the time.

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5. Allen Iverson: Practice

Eric Harline-USA Today Sports

Practice? We talking about practice? How dare someone ask a practice question to the Answer. Oh, see what I did there?

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4. Shaquille O'Neal: I don't give a bleep

Douglas Jones-USA Today Sports

This was another one of those classic on-field interviews right after the game. There were some questionable calls in this game. Shaq was none too pleased as he dropped the F bomb -- the reporter told him they were live, to which Shaq responded "I don't give a [expletive]". Basically Shaq was like "Yeah I'm cussing on live TV, what are you going to do about it?"

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3. Keyshawn Johnson: We can't do anything

Rich Barnes-USA Today Sports

This is the most emotional I've ever seen Keyshawn Johnson, after an opening day loss and knowing that starting quarterback Vinny Testaverde was likely lost for the season, Johnson couldn't mask his despair. Of course, nobody would have remembered this if it weren't for the double-handed slam on the podium. It was like the perfect note to finish the sympathy symphony.

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2. Derek Anderson: It's not funny

Jeremy Brevard-USA Today Sports

During a miserable loss on Monday Night Football, cameras caught Cardinals QB Derek Anderson laughing with a teammate on the sideline. When asked about it, Anderson went nuts. You're not fooling anyone Derek -- we all know you were trying to trump Denny Green's tirade from years ago. "They are who we thought they were" will always trump "It's not funny, I take this [expletive] seriously".

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1. Bobby Knight: Game Face

Greg Bartram-USA Today Sports

There were many great Bobby Knight post-game interviews to choose from, but this was my favorite. Different from the typical 'angry guy' interviews, Knight was pleasantly silly here. Knight was explaining his displeasure for the term 'Game face'. He questioned what a game face actually was and proceeded to make a bunch of silly faces like he was convulsing. Even Coach Knight has a lighter side.

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